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Day In The Life Of A Year 6 Pupil


The school bell rings at 8:50 and I need to get in class to do my morning task, which is a quick warm up for our brains before the day begins. Straight after that, our teacher , calls out the register and checks who is having school dinners and toast. Now this is where our day starts.


For reading response we spend time with our group books and doing a task related to it. Two different groups each day work together with a teacher who asks questions about the book, which helps us develop our comprehension skills. Next is Basic Skills, which is a review of the work we have recently been doing in maths and English lessons. 10 o’clock comes sooner than you think which means it’s time for our morning break and healthy snack.


After a 15 minute break it’s back to work again, time for our challenging maths lesson – I hope it’s not fractions! Next it’s literacy – one of my favourite subjects where I get chance to use my imagination. The morning goes quickly and the bell rings at 12 o’clock which means the infants can go for their lunch, however we have to wait an extra 15 minutes for ours. Not long now, I’m starting to get very hungry after a packed morning!


We soon finish our lunch and then have time to play with friends outside in the playground.


We’re back in class at 1:00 and the afternoons are spent doing lessons such as Topic, science, PE,French, Art to name a few. Assembly starts.on most days at 2.50 pm. We sit on the benches at the back of the hall to listen to what the teachers have to say, or sometimes sing songs. I especially like Fridays Assemblies as pupils receive certificates for outstanding work: I sit there hoping that my name will be called out.


It’s the end of another busy day as our teacher is working us hard in preparation for high school next year. 

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