Anti-bullying Week 2013

Anti-bullying week was the 18th - 22nd of November. This year the national motto was 'The future is ours safe, fun and connected'. All classes in school have talked about cyber bullying and how to stay safe on the computer.

The year reception and year one classes looked at a cyber story about a penguin who gets a new computer and the decisions he faces to stay safe. The children really enjoyed this and the message came across clearly with a little song they sang!

"You've got to think, think, think, before you click, click, click and tell someone"

The whole school took part in a poetry competition that the peer mediators launched in an assembly. There was a class winner and runner up for every class. Well done to everybody for working so hard!

Year one winner - Daniel Sears

Year two winner -Kyle Pickup

Year three winner - Annie Mealor

Year four winner - Jack Walton

Year five - Levi Diss

Year six - Rosie Alty

All children were a given a secret friend that throughout the week they had to show acts of friendship and kindness to. Then at the end of the week the children had to guess who their secret friend had been!!!!


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