Emotional Intelligence and resilience whole school focus 2014 2015

Creating an emotionally safe school is essential in developing a pupils awareness of themselves and others. It is important that children feel safe, can take risks, are challenged but not overly stressed, and where play, pleasure, and fun are facilitated within an ability to learn and take responsibility for their learning. Helping them to discover the things that they would really love to be great at, and strengthening their will , resilience and the skill to pursue them.

At Longton Primary School, we have a strong ethos through our mission statement of Care, Grow and Shine which ensures that pupil’s physical and emotional safety are at the heart of all we do. However, in an ever changing world, we need to ensure that we support and develop our pupils to have the emotional intelligence, understanding of the risks and opportunity that technology provides and  support and develop their peer interactions and knowledge of self. Providing them with strategies of how they learn best and who they are and their place in their family, school community and the world.

Our aim to support pupils who are more confident of their own learning ability, can concentrate more, think more and ultimately find learning more enjoyable. These skills will underpin our pupils progression through education and beyond, ensuring they are tenacious, resourceful, resilient, imaginative, self- disciplined and self- aware to ensure they succeed in all areas of their life.

Key focuses areas will include:

Developing learning skills such as managing their learning, working in a team, being reflective, being an effective participator in their own learning and be able to pursue independent enquiry along with creative thinking. Cultivating habits and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. Teaching pupils to be more confident of their own learning ability to facilitate concentration and finding learning more enjoyable

Develop an enhanced culture of mutual respect and inclusion which celebrates and embraces everyone’s unique qualities and personalities through pupil, parent forums and restorative justice.

Embrace technology ( linked to our computing whole school action plan) whilst educating pupils on the reality of this powerful resource in order to equip our pupils with the knowledge of how to communicate and search online in both school, home and mobile application preparing them for an ever chnaging world.

This will be achieved through a programme of staff training, pupil voice initiatives, links to local high school, community and national resources and pupils learning how their learn.

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