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Conscience Alley - The Hippos used this strategy to think about the actions of a character in an adventure story.

Year 6 pupil, Benjy Riley created a comic life about reading along with a video of our favourite books.

Public Speaking Competition June 2014

Recount of our First Public Speaking Competition June 2014


As a speaker I enjoyed my own part. Although I slipped up, I did well. I also enjoyed watching all of the other schools and learning new things. My speech was on the world cup 2022 in Quatar and I think I succeeded.

Carys Allwright:

The highlight for me as a speaker was just taking part. Despite the fact that it would have been really amazing if myself, my team mates or my school had won, it was still an opportunity I can‘t take away from. I am proud of myself and my team , without whom I couldn’t have completed it. They supported me when I felt like o didn’t want to do it and found it hard to remember what to say. Also, I think Hannah and Thomas did amazing as did our opposing team. I am so glad I was chosen and had the chance to take part. I definitely enjoyed it!

Hannah Cowley:

As the proposer, the highlight for me was just taking part and the thrill of performing. I enjoyed people listening to what I had to say and I did the same when others were talking. I also thought the other teams were really good aswell.

Ella Doherty:

As the chair, it was good to present and thank my team for their e4fforts. I was also complemented by 3 people saying that I should have won the best chair person. Most of all it was great taking part and trying something new!

Josie Rawlings:

It was a great opportunity. I also enjoyed being in the audience watching the others. I particularly enjoyed Whitefield’s as their speaker was American and had the same views on uniform as my mum.

Thomas Holmes:

My highlight was introducing the team. I am really glad I had the opportunity. I thought Mark from PCP was the best chair!


In the audience for coming 2nd in painted 60/60 board competition

Todd Mayor

Middleforth were speaking about ‘Big Numbers’ …Yawnnnnn I thought but actually when they finished I thought it was great! Our teams were good, especially Ella. Well Done Longton.

Sasha Cooksley:

I really enjoyed watching their superb perfomances. One of the highlights was being able to support Longton as they went to the chairs confidently.

Olivia Tomlinson:

I was impressed by their speaking and how determined they were to get the job done. You could tell they were alittle nervous but all really enjoyed it. What a superb time.

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