english 2013 curiculum Autumn

The Tigers ( Reception)

Stories- Funnybones, Owl Babies, Leaf Man, Joes Cafe

Non Fiction- My Body, Healthy eating

Writing labels, lists and captions.

Cursive style writing.

Writ8ing names independently, correct cursive letter formation.

Writing for differnt purposes- menus, cards, posters, orders, lists, captions, labels.

Use of role play area-Cafe and Santas Workshop.


The Bears (Year 1)

Starting to write- use phonics to write news and recounts

Setting out sentences.

Write labels, list and captions.

Information books linked to Autumn

Poetry linked to the senses

Fiction- familiar settings linked to Christmas

Non fiction- instructions.


The Kangaroos (Year 2)

Stories with familiar settings

Traditional stories


Poetry 1


The Hippos (Year 3/4)

Information texts linked to the Romans

Adventure and Mystery stories

Plays and dialogue linked to Christmas

Poetry- Shape poems


The Dragons (Year 4)


The Lions (Year 5)

Film narrative

Persuasive writing

Traditional stories, fables, myths and legends

Classical narrative poetry


The Crocodiles (Year 6)

Biographies and autobiographies

Short stories with flashbcks

Create a story for KS1

Using short films in Literacy

Fiction Genres

Shakespeare Plays

Power of imagery in poetry


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