European Day of Languages 2016

This afternoon the children celebrated European Day of Languages by taking part in lots of Language themed activities.

The Penguins ( Year 1) learnt the colours of the rainbow in German

The Bongos ( Year 2 ) learnt greetings, classroom instructions, numbers to 10 and how to tell somebody their name and age in French.

The Giraffes ( Year 3) looked at the work of Paul Klee, a Swiss-German artist and learnt the names of colours. 

They tried to make dark colours like his paintings. E.g.  Dunkelrot.  = dark red

The Tigers ( Year 4) learnt lots of intersesting facts about germant such as there are 400 zoos in Germany and tasted German food.

The Bears (Year 5) learnt greetings, times of day and how to say introduce themselves in Spanish.

The Kangaroos (Year 6) made bookmarks. On one side they decorated them with symbols of Germany, such as the flag, car badges and on the other they wrote about themselves in German.

At the end of the afternoon the children had the opportunity to share what they had been doing in assembly.

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