history/Geog 2013 curriculum Spring

Reception      Chinese New Year and related activities

                         Simple maps


Year 1             No history or Geography focus this term


Year 2            No history or Geography focus this term


Year 3            Walk like an Egyptian to include history and Geography visit arranged to Manchester museum in    

                        connection with this topic.


Year 4            London, maps, tourism, human and physical aspects of geography


Year 5           Geography    Rivers, formation and looking at cross section of rivers

                       Geography/History   Life on a Scottish Island.   Contrast island life with our own life.

                        How island communities have existed in the past and developed.   Maps


Year 6           Look at erosion of coasts and mountains. Everest expeditions

                       Coasts, global warming

                       Settlements, changes in location

                       John Lennon airport vs Speke Hall

                       History famous people   Edmund Hillary

                       World history Aztecs and Tudors

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