Action Plan ICT 2013

ICT @ LONGTON: 2013 - 2014

The focus this year, ahead of the arrival of a new curriculum in September 2014, will be informing all teaching staff of incoming changes and ensuring everyone is equipped with up-to-date skills.

In Autumn 2013, a new internet system has been fitted in school, allowing pupils and staff to fully exploit the technology we have available at our fingertips. For example, in the Year 6 classroom, every pupil is able to use an iPad for online research simultaneously - with everyone enjoying high speed access to photos and interactive content!

In Spring 2014, staff will be trained in effective use of classroom SMART Boards (which have been recently installed) so that teaching and learning become more interactive. We'll be looking at ways in which the SMART Boards can be combined with an ever-improving online learning platform through the school website, our iPads and YouTube.

Also in Spring, our school will begin to feature much more as a learning tool in the upper key stage two classrooms. We are in the process of purchasing a range of fantastic APPs and eBooks that will serve to maximise opportunities for learning in a way that motivates and engages pupils.

In the Summer term, the focus will switch to looking ahead to the arrival of the new curriculum.

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