Investors in pupils

2014 /2015 Pupil voice initiatives.

This year we have held true to the foundations of Investors in Pupils but have made it fit into the priorities for our school and pupils. Please find below an outline of the principles evident in our school.


Investors in Pupils – The Way Forward

After being successful last year – it is important that we continue with the positive impact of the award, embedding it into our good practice. It is vital that staff and pupils can explain why each of the following is important to their tribe and school as a whole. Our role now is to develop the areas that work for us to maintain our commitment to pupil voice. Please keep it relevant with the children through class chats.


Class Motto – written with the class to promote tribe ethos

Class target – agreed and worked towards for the whole class to support and motivate each other

Personal targets – to develop skills in pupils both in and out of school. Could be part of PHSE for pupils to challenge themselves in areas they want to progress.

Understanding of the role of Governors

An appreciation of resources and cost of resources for school

Class chats – used to promote harmony and team ethos within tribes. Also enables good ideas for school to be passed to eco warriors and school councillors.

Induction booklet – can be updated with class list after meet the teacher and class routines so that any new member of the tribe feels at home straight away. Just need redeveloping a little each year – not reinventing.

Class roles and responsibilities – Promote smooth running of classroom procedures and develop trust and understanding between pupils and staff. Roles reviewed every half term/term and could include these roles although this is not an exhaustive list.

Register monitor/ class resources / ICT / homework monitor / book monitor / lights off/windows closed / letters /  tidy / blogger (Perhaps - Ks2 pupils could be elected to add to blog )

Facilitate pupil groups – Staff to facilitate pupil groups so they have a real ‘voice’ in making decisions and making a difference in school. Empowering pupils to organise their own meetings and drive their own initiatives.


If you can think of anything else to embed pupil voice, please share good practice. Pupil voice is a major strength of school so we need provide opportunities for our pupils to ‘shine’.





Thankyou for visiting our Investors in Pupils page on our new website. We are very excited as we have been working towards our Investors in pupil award for around 12 months now although at Longton we have always been proud of ourselves on the priority we place on pupil voice.

Shout out out community project document

Pupil Voice Fly on the Wall

IIP Newsletter 

Our school council members will update this site with regular newsletters, information sheets and activities that are taking place in school so that you can share with us our creative, imaginative, responsible and confident pupils as they make decisions in every area of school life.

School council voting July 2012

Voting cards blank

25/9 School Council member as ensuring all clases are organised with their IIP displays. They will shortly be writing a newsletter and a booklet all about the award and how we are benefitting from it.

Start of new term audit of Investor in Pupils provision - school councillors to review own classes

Audit list

11/10/12 The school councillors reported on our Investors in Pupils action plan and focus for this term In the Governors meeting tonight. They were very articulate and informed about their focus and were congratulated on their drive and commitment to the award.

15/10/12 Cameron and Matthew of the school council are preparing an assembly to detail the cost of resources in school. They hope to show pupils how important it is to respect their resources. I will add the powerpoint of the assembly after Thursday. Good Luck boys... don't be nervous.

Year 6 roles and responsibilities 2012/2013


Heads team(T) James Mawson, Alice Noble, Sophie Jeffreys, Amelia Hough

School council (T) Matt Fish, Cameron Fish, Amelia Suffell, Georgina Hardman

Team point Captain Thomas Davidson

Sports Captains Charlotte Hamer, Jack Byrom, Louis Jones, Jack Banks

Office Hannah Pullan, Sophie Harwood

Fairtrade James Mawson, Sophie Jeffreys

Healthy schools ambassadors (T) Nisha Dunderdale, Harriet Booth

Race Equality Amelia Hough, Alice Noble

District Sports/Events Ewan Banks, Zac Wadsworth, Kyle Mace

Playworker leaders Benji Riley, Adam Wilkinson

Reception Play Leader Megan Wilson

Job Centre Manager Alex Harwood

Stationery shop Alex Pritchard, Guy Wallace, Charlie McDowell

Eco Team William Neill, Harry Eastham

Library Harry Eastham, Megan Wilson

DJ Kyle Mace


Charlotte Hamer and Amelia Hough are creating a super newspaper which will be sent out once a term. I can't wait to see it.20/10/12


23rd October 2012 - Alex Harwood

Hello I am Alex and I run the job center. I will be setting up the job center soon so if you want to have a job in school make sure you apply. The jobs are like sharpening, lamenating, tidying up the classrooms, tidying the boxes on the middle of tables and supporting other children.  

23rd October 2012 - Amelia Hough

The heads team (Alice, Amelia, Sophie and James) have been visiting other schools playgrounds during their lunchtime, to make our golden play the best we can. The schools we have visited so far are: Whitefield, Howick, New Longton and Penwortham County Primary - which we even had lunch at. We will produce a report based on our findings and recommendations next half term.

23rd October - Playleaders

Please find attached the playleaders rota that will begin after half term.



Megan W        Amelia H

Kick Rounders,Head catch


Hannah P         Alice N

Traffic Lights, Ball Tag


Adam W          Benjy R

Forfeit Tag, Hot Potato


Nisha D            Sophie J

Sharks, Who’s got the ball


Adam W           Benjy R

Zigzag Beanbag, Tails










I can't wait to see how lunchtimes improve as children work together through games and having fun.


26th October- excellent letter received from a visitor into school. We have Very Important Pupils!!

Last week Pagpa, a Buddhist teacher came into school to work with our pupils and I received this wonderful letter commenting on how excellent our pupils are.

Dear Alison,

Thank you, I really enjoyed the visit and I thought the childrens' questions were great. I wasn't phased by them at all and I appreciated their interest.

I thought the children were really well behaved, respectful and very engaged, particularly when we did meditation. They all tried hard to engage with meditation, even though it's probably quite difficult for them as it's very unusual to sit in silence and to try and sit still, but they managed it.

Thank you, I enjoyed the visit and hope to come again.

Kind regards,




Investors in Pupil Audit

On 21st November 2012 we had an audit from the Investors in Pupils Assessors- Mrs Linda Oakes and Mr Ian Dixon. They spent a full day in school speaking to pupils, teachers, Governors, Parents and looking around to see if we could be recommended for the award. After a busy day, the school council were finally told that they were happy to recommend us for the award and that we would receive an award within a couple of weeks. It was a lot of hard work for the council and teachers preparing for the award but actually every pupil was involved in contributing to the award by being proud of the way Longton Primary school values and invests in our pupils. Thanks to everyone!

Copy of timetable for the day

Mrs Oakes emailed us after her visit to say............We had a lovely day with you all during the assessment and you have pupils to be proud of. Your report should be with you shortly. I am impressed at how quickly you are looking at further involving younger pupils. It will be good for other schools to see such excellent practice  

Copy of report - click here

Copy of pupil letter - here.

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