Times Tables are a key focus during year 3.  It is so important that they try and learn them and be able to recall them quickly.  This knowledge will be invaluable as we progress further in learning with work on fractions, problem solving, dividing and with using numbers in the 100's and 1000's. 

Practise as often as possible. Reciting, random quiz questions, post it notes of key times tables or ones you know they are strugglin with around the house so they are a visual reminder.

I have attached some sheets you may like to print out for your child to practise.  They could just have a go at their own pace or some children might like to try and do them as fast as possible and try and complete them in a quicker time each time they have a go.  You might give them 5 mins to answer as many as they can, can they increase the number completed each time they have a go?  

If the children want to bring them into school to show me I would be delighted to see their work.


Please find below some links to online activities and games to support your child with their learning.  

Some of these are suitable to be used across KS2 so may contain elements that are more challenging.  The expectations for Year 3 Fractions can be found within the Parent Guide to the National Curriculum (link on this page).

Fractions 1

Fractions 2

Fractions 3

Fractions 4


Time can often be tricky for children.  It doesn't work in the same ways as other maths as in not based on the same base 10 place value system or Hundreds, Tens and Ones. 

Please help your child to read the time using both a digital and anaolgue clock. 

There are some links below to games which could also help.  Stop the Clock and Bang on Time activities. 

Move the clock hands to make the time given

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