2013 whole school focus - Coaching

Teachers are good at supporting each other in a mentoring role, however the impact would be more effective if a coaching system was to be used to allow colleagues to support each other in a structured system of improvement. To further enhance the success culture of the school by improving the performance of teachers practice in the teaching of writing and to support the implementation of the new curriculum via a learning-centered mode of professional dialogue will have great benefit to all our children in a wide array of learning opportunities.


 Main Focus Areas:

To plan a system of coaching training and opportunities for sessions.

To pair staff for initial training sessions based on strengths and need assessment.

Teacher training in the basics of training using the TGROW model. Practical session for modelling good practice.

To write a whole school protocol for coaching.

To strength relationships between staff.

1st Coaching session to allow implementation of model and staff to develop skills.

Timetable of planned coaching sessions related to writing improvement and new curriculum.

Monitor throughout the year of staff.

Staff meeting Interim review of practice to assess impact and share positives and overcome negatives.

Review good coaching practice.

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