Action plan Science 2013

Science formed part of our school action plan focus for 2012/2013 and here is an outline of what we achieved.

1) To develop a new scheme of work linked to the new draft curriculum in science and use a uniform planning format. Completed

Outcome : To ensure coverage and progression of knowedge and skills throughout school and ensure planning takes into account of all pupils including those children who are more able, require support and inspire boys and girls

2) Continuing professional development for subject leader leading to science quality mark, teaching staff on creative and inspiring science lessons and using links with local high schools develop our more able pupils in the area of science and engineering.  Silver award achieved

Outcome: To inspire, engage and stimulate pupils in science and develop knowledge and skills that will take them to high school.

3) Integrating APP in science into our monitoring and assessment process to ensure accurate and appropriate assessment of skills and knowledge. Developing and further focus for 2013/2014

Outcome: To ensure progression through school

4) Maximise real life science experiences in school to include; visitors into school, school trips, STEM ambassadors, science clubs and  science days To develop into 2013/2014

Outcome: To enrich our science curriculum for pupils and raise standards along with interest and enjoyment in science.


Action plan for 2013/2014

1) Subject leader to assess the similarities and differences of new NC in science
Subject Leader to revise yearly overview to ensure all areas covered through the curriculum and pass to staff

Outcome: to ensure our curriculum is full and offer breadth of study in line with new National Curriculum

2) Subject leader to audit levelling to assess future staff training in the area of assessment

Outcome: to ensure progression in science is good through robust and measured levelling opportunities

3) Plan science/industry and career day
Science club after school enrichment opportunity

Outcome : to show science as a real life subject and skill set and enrich and angage the scientist and engineers of the future.


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