Teachers assess each child at the end of each unit of work, using the following descriptors:

Not accessed (working below the expectations for the year group)
Emerging (starting to learn)
Developing (demonstrating an increasing understanding; yet to be secure)
Secure (secure in understanding and applying in most areas)
Mastered (typically working above the expected level for their year)

When assessing children we focus on not only their subject knowledge of the unit being taught but also their development of the skills in working scientifically. These grades are based on the expectations for children in that year group. To support class teachers in making their assessments, we use the Rising Stars Science Progress Tests to give an indication of each child’s ability (see example below). These are administered in-class after a unit of work and separate tests are included for use at the end of the school year. It is the responsibility of class teachers to plan opportunities for these assessments. The Progress Tests also include tests which can be used at the beginning of a unit of work to assess prior attainment and tests which can be used mid-way through a unit of work to inform planning and teaching. Teachers are encouraged to make use of these.  Practical activities and investigations are also used as a means of assessing children's ability to work scientifcally and each unit will have a specific focus skill to assess. 

Each Progress Test provides a score out of 10 for each child, with scores indicating attainment as follows:


Not accessed

1 – 3


4 – 5


6 – 8


9 – 10


It is important that teachers consider these scores alongside their own ongoing assessments to inform judgements made.

Attainment and progress in Science is reported using our school assessment tracker at the end of each term. An overall grade for the each child is reported at the end of the academic year by the class teacher. 

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