2013 whole school focus - Feedback and Marking

It is imperative that we have a whole school approach to feedback and marking because we want to maximise every learning opportunity.  If our children are given strong feedback on their learning then they themselves have the power and knowledge to self-improve.  They are then truly taking charge of their learning and driving their own progress.  Once we feel success we crave more and by concise and accurate feedback all our children can achieve in all they embark upon.  Our feedback at the moment is effective but we want to explore avenues to further enhance it.  We also want to make sure that children experience the same system from each teacher so the system is strongly rooted and beneficial in the children’s understanding.


Ensure that all staff are aware of the reviewed and agreed policy of May 2013.

Audit to be carried out.

Create a synopsis of the marking and feeding policy and symbols used for supply staff

Staff to allow opportunities for children to act upon comments

Implement agreed actions from May2013

Develop a consistent approach to next step marking

Develop the use of next step marking to set targets for and with the children, including opportunities to work on targets.

Update staff knowledge on AFL strategies with particular focus on peer marking and self marking

Review policy

Monitor feedback and marking at planned and at random times and give truthful feedback.


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