2013 whole school focus - PE and Sport

PE and Sport has to be a focus area for us this year as we are generously being given an extra amount of money (just over £8000) to spend on the enhancement of PE and Sport.  Our main goal is to ensure we make a significant impact on the long term teaching skills to ensure that the Olympic legacy funding will have an impact on future generations.  Throughout the website we hope you will see various pieces of evidence of how we have made an impact in this area and how we have spent the money wisely.  We are very fortunate that three of our teachers are sports specialists.

Main action points:

Buy in to the sports partnership to assist with the provision of KS2 sport and PE initially KS1 next year.

Ensure all available training is undertaken by being promoted and planned for soon enough

Share progress steps, experiences with parents and govs

Find ways to value the sports children do out of school within the school setting

Work with local schools to provide a wider experience of sport

Create a section on the school website for photos, write ups etc. of sporting events

Sports captains run termly team competitions – HP to work with the team once a fortnight.

Ensure school is resourced to undertake the new curriculum fully and support teachers in their new ideas for teaching PE.

For children to take part in a wider variety of sporting activities.

For sports coaches to take PE lessons and for teachers to observe and learn the enhanced techniques.


If you think you can help in any way e.g. running a club, helping coach a team, please let us know.

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