2013 whole school focus - Focus


We are committed to developing a passion for learning in every child who attends the school. People who work at Longton Primary have a passion for learning and see themselves as learners too; together, we seek to discover the potential in every child and adult and develop this into success and excellence. We constantly seek to revise and improve our work and to learn from what we do.

This years School Development Plan is designed to enable the school’s vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community. As we work towards the aims of the plan, we seek to harness the talents of the whole school community and by working and learning together, realise our ambitions.

At Longton Primary School we see all our outcomes as inter-dependent. They show the important relationship between educational achievement and well-being. Children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safeguarded from harm and engaged. We believe educational achievement is the most effective way to improve outcomes for all children.

Our Plan is based upon:-

• The aims and policies of the DfE and Lancashire’s Education Development Plan

• Feedback received from our last Ofsted Inspection (February 2010)

• External data such as the Raise Online.

• Our own regular and thorough monitoring of the standards achieved in the school through for

example: frequent classroom observation, peer coaching, governor monitoring, pupil

interviews, work sampling and parent and pupil questionnaires

• Thorough preparation and scrutiny of internal data

• Reflective evaluation and review of the on-going work of the school by pupils, parents, staff and governors

• The needs of our pupils

• The needs of our staff

• The available financial, human and material resources

The purpose of the Plan is to manage the school’s drive towards long term strategic aims. It gives everyone an understanding of where the school is going and what actions will be taken to ensure we get there. It sets a timescale for implementation and plans for human and material resources to be directed towards specific goals. It helps us determine the pattern of expenditure within the budget and guides the planning of staff training.

The Plan consists of Five Main elements. Alongside each subject leader has there own main foci.

The Raising Achievement Plan is designed to give a sharp and clear focus to those aspects of our work which we believe are most in need of improvement, Writing, PE and Sport, The New Curriculum, Coaching and also Feedback. We are also aiming to introduce new extra curricular activities to broaden and enrich the children’s primary learning experience at Longton Primary. These aims must remain at the heart of all we do during the lifetime of the plan.

Parts of the Plan seeks to anchor the great improvements the school has made in recent times and outlines work the school wishes to continue to undertake in order to build on the good progress we have already made and thereby achieve excellence.




Our Pupil Premium money has been greatly received and utilised most effectively. We have created a specific room referred to as the ‘Garden Room’ which is bursting full of resources to support interventions and a much needed space for the interventions to take place.

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