Date: 6th Dec 2017 @ 2:32pm

Today in science we had to separate: rice, rocks, glitter, metal paperclips and salt-water solution.They had all been mixed together in one plastic container and we had to find a way to separate them.Our group used a magnet to get the paperclips out because they where the only metal thing in there and they would atract to the magnet.To get the glitter out we had to filter it, which was quite hard.To get the rice out we had to use a net to sieve it out.To get the rocks out we used a spoon.To get the salt out of the water we used a tealight  to heat up the solution and evaporate the water which left us with the salt.We also made a time lapse of it and put it on the blog so you can see what happend;we realy enjoyed it.winkwinkwink



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