Week Beginning Monday 4th December 2017

Date: 2nd Dec 2017 @ 5:46pm

Hello all :) 

I hope that you are enjoying the weekend. Here is what the Meerkats are doing this week:


We are reading the Babushka story. We will be learning that names of people and places begin with capital letters. We will continue to use conjunctions in sentences.


We are learning about addition and subtraction within 20. Specifically, we will focus on the job of the equal sign and how the numbers on either side must balance.


Mrs Thomson's group will learn au (he caught a fish) and some more split diagraphs - o-e (phone home), u-e (huge brute) and e-e. Miss Adamson's group will learn oy (toy for a boy), ou (shout it out), ir (whirl and twirl) and au (he caught a fish).


We are learning how Christians feel and behave because they believe in God, specifically, we will be learning about the Christmas story.


On Monday afternoon we will watch the dress rehersal for the Y2/3 production. I will send home scripts this week for the YR/1 produciton - The Bee Musical. I have asked the children what kind of parts they would like and have done my best to accomodate. Let me know if there are any problems! 

Wedding Day

On Thursday is our Wedding Day. Children can wear their own clothes and have special wedding lunch.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Warm regards,

Miss Adamson

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