Week beginning the 4th December

Date: 26th Nov 2017 @ 3:33pm

Hello everybody! Hope you've had a lovely weekend! Don't forget this Thursday we are having a special Wedding themed day - if you'd like school dinner that day, you'll need to pay at the office. smiley The whole day will be centred around the theme of different types of weddings - it's going to be great!

This week will look like this:

English: Script writing

GPS: Inventing words & word class

Maths: Negative numbers and Roman numerals

Science: Irreversible changes & Reversible changes assessment experiment

Computing: Coding and Debugging

PSHE: Jigsaw - different cultures

R.E: Christian stories

French: Family

PE: Beyond Sport (Monday)

If you have any artefacts/special skills/holiday pics etc. that would help us with our learning - please feel free to volunteer them! We would love to have some visitors to our class this year and learning always works best when it is contextualised!

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