Y4 Friday 18 October

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 1:21pm

At the start of the week in Grammar we started off doing suffixes adding ing, er, est and then transferring our understanding in our writing. We have also used expanded noun phrases to use in our English. In English we did imperative verbs to put into sentences with our English topic the shirt machine

The guided reading we have been completing comprehension and looking at being detectives looking for clues in the text.

In writing we have been studying about  explanation text’s and have written two of our own.


In maths our main thing was learning time. We got the clocks out and Mr Pearson said a time and we had work it out plus we had a work sheet to work out the time and the time could have been a 24hour clock. Please can you all practice at home.


In science we learnt how the ear works and drew a diagram looking at the outer ear with the ear canal, the middle ear with the three bones and the inner ear looking at the cochlea.

In French we put all the things we have done into a wanted poster of anyone in the class. In art we finished off any work not completed.


By Oliver and Lucie


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