Year 4 Blog

Date: 14th Oct 2019 @ 4:55am

What A busy week we had, look at all this learning! 


At the start of the week Mr Kennedy came in to do some modal verbs with sentences e.g. I might skip, I can skip, I can’t skip. On Tuesday we had a look at noun phrases putting them into sentences. Moving on to Wednesday, we did suffixes. This was in addition to looking at explanation texts using a short film called the shirt maker as inspiration.

In maths we have been learning about angles and know right angles obtuse and acute and then on Thursday we learnt how to multiply and divide decimals by 10,100 and 1000. We keep on practising the times tables.


In art this week, we did oil pastes to shade different fruits and veg to smudge colours

In P.E. active maths, we did sums with cones to see if we can find different calculations.

In Mr Pearson’s PE we are continuing to learn about attack and defence skills, this time using bench ball. We also had another circuit training lesson.

In music we studied some tunes and also learning the note A.

In French this week, we used colures to describe people’s hair colour and eye colour.

In science, we made a sound sandwich out of 2 lolly pop sticks 2 cut up straws 1 thick elastic bands and 2 small elastic bands witch then make a sound sandwich. We then investigated pitch.  


By Oliver and Lucie with support from Mr Pearson.

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