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Meet the Meerkat teacher, by Mr Pearson

Date: 13th Sep 2021 @ 12:09pm

If you were unable to attend meet the teacher please find attached the information shared. 

Cricket with Lancashire, by Mr Pearson

Date: 13th Sep 2021 @ 11:58am

Today we have had the pleasure of Chris Riley, a cricket coach from Lancashire County Cricketclub come into school to coach our class. 

Meerkats Summer Holiday, by Mr Pearson

Date: 26th Jul 2021 @ 10:47am

Meerkats holiday activities 
Mathletics - go through any of the objectives you don't feel secure with and have a go at the tasks. Also on mathletics there is live mathletics, please don't just go on level 1, push yourself up to 4 or beyond.
Reading Eggs - Have a go at a comprehension a week it will keep your mind working.
Time tables Rockstars  - It's essential that you have rapid recall of your times tables in Y5 the summer is a fantastic time to increase your knowledge.
Read a book of your choice, go to Longton library and loan a few books to read. 
Holiday passport - You can do on Google Classroom or in your red book.

Have a lovely holiday and make lots of amazing memories.


Magnificent Mabel, by Mr Pearson

Date: 6th Jul 2021 @ 2:55pm

Today, Mabel play a piece of music called 'Moonbeam' in readiness for her Grade 4 piano exam. The Meerkats, Mrs. Brown,myself and special guest star Mrs Bolton enjoyed her performance, well done Mabel. 

Click here to watch 

Class party, by Mr Pearson

Date: 5th Jul 2021 @ 6:11pm

We had a fun afternoon in our class party. So much fun I forgot to take some photos, so we took some at the after party.

Bug man visit, by Mr Pearson

Date: 5th Jul 2021 @ 3:51pm

An exciting day in the Meerkat tribe. An amazing hour with the Bug man learning about life cycles in animals. The children were captivated as well as Mrs Doherty and myself.Some  lucky children got to handle some of the mini beasts.

Summer Fair, by Mr Pearson

Date: 28th Jun 2021 @ 9:08pm

The Year 6's delivered a mini Summer fair for the Y4's today. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Final Superheroes pictures, by Mr Pearson

Date: 28th May 2021 @ 3:52pm

The final water colour superheroes.

Rainbow trees, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th May 2021 @ 10:36am

We have been using pointillism style to draw our rainbows.

First day of Arts Week 2021, by Mr Pearson

Date: 24th May 2021 @ 11:52am

First task in Arts Week, design and paint the T- shirt

Swimming, by Mr Pearson

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 3:07pm

Meerkats don't forget your swimming kit tomorrow morning, try to get into school for 8.30.

Another new instrument, by Mr Pearson

Date: 21st May 2021 @ 3:02pm

Swimming, by Mr Pearson

Date: 16th May 2021 @ 1:59pm

The Meerkat tribe are going swimming on Monday 17th May. 

Please come to school in your swimming costume and your school uniform over it. 

Please arrive at school for 8.30 a.m. so we can register and then be ready to leave. 

Remember if you need to wear goggles and you haven't brought a letter into school this year or last year, please provide a letter/note signed by your parents giving permission. 

I hope you are all excited. 

Morning session Outdoors, by Mr Pearson

Date: 26th Apr 2021 @ 10:53am

Group 1 Outdoor activities 

Outdoor activity, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th Apr 2021 @ 5:50pm

Class list for tomorrow 26th April

Please wear outdoor gear no school uniform needed. The afternoon session is a 4.15pm finish.

Morning session

Phoebe B







Sienna H





Max     W-W


Sienna T



Afternoon session Finishes 4.15pm












Jacob  Y

Max     H



Class compliment, by Iain Pearson

Date: 18th Apr 2021 @ 12:49pm

A fantastic afternoon in the outdoor on our scooters, hoverboards and roller skates for our class compliment.

Well worth the wait. 

Cricket, by Iain Pearson

Date: 18th Apr 2021 @ 12:34pm

We are focusing on our throwing skills in cricket in this lesson. 

First week back, by Iain Pearson

Date: 16th Apr 2021 @ 1:04pm

A great first week back for the Meerkat children.  

We have started the new topic areas which are attached on the class page. 

We have studying the Viking invasion of Britain and how it effected the Anglo Saxons living in Britain at the time.

Science we are studying animals and their environments and habitats.  

We are developing our cricket skills and 

Easter celebrations, by Iain Pearson

Date: 14th Apr 2021 @ 3:00pm

Some photos of the Easter celebrations in the Meerkat tribe.

Easter Service, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 8:49pm

Photographs of the event can be found here 

click here 


Online Safety, by Mr Pearson

Date: 3rd Mar 2021 @ 4:59pm

The online world offers amazing opportunities but also brings elements of potential risk and for Parents, making sense of the online world can appear to be an enormous challenge.  Unlike previous generations, the online environment is an integral part of children’s lives and therefore we can no longer consider their wellbeing or safety without also considering their relationship to technology.  However, staying safe online is fundamentally about behaviours rather than the technology itself and if approached from this perspective, we can begin to gain confidence to support our children. 

The link below provides some useful tips for Parents when discussing the online environment with children.  In addition, this page also contains a variety of resources which can be used to develop knowledge and confidence to support children.  You will also find useful information in the news and events section of the site through the link at the bottom of the page.

Austin's Advert, by Mr Pearson

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 12:53pm

Thank you Austin 

Meerkat Groups for live remote learning, by Mr Pearson

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 9:25am

Groups for Live Remote Learning 
Group 1
Sadie, Alfie, Harley, Sienna H, Rosie, Carson, Seb, Archie S, Macey, Sienna T, Max WW

Group 2
Jacob A, Maxi BS, Cody, Max H, Alice, Amelia, Austin, Elsa, Mabel, Emily

See you all on Monday morning. 

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