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Summer Week Five, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 18th May 2021 @ 8:20am

Week 5 Summer term


Maths: in maths this week we were using protractors to measure accurate angles. Earlier in the week, we were learning what statistics are and working on our reasoning.


English: In English, we did our big write on our story gorilla and then practised some SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and grammar) and our comprehension skills.


History: In history, we have been studying the English civil war when Oliver Cromwell was alive and his impact on the war and how some of the events were much local than we first thought! Like The Battle of Preston which took place in the now known, Walton-Le-Dale.

PE: In PE this week we were learning how to improve our accuracy in Tennis and rallies.


Drama: In drama this week we tried to make a piece based on the Victorian ages.


Art: In art, we were starting to start the process of making our own mindfulness robots.


Computing: In computing, we were finishing off our coding game code monkey.




The Penguins


Captain Tom 100, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 4th May 2021 @ 7:28am

On Friday 30th April, it would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore's 101st Birthday. In memory of his amazing life and amazing goal he set for him self, we thought we'd take our own spin on our own Challenge 100 as the Penguin Tribe!

100 Sentences: 

Using an image for inspiration, The Penguins were set a challenge to write 100 sentences inspired by the photo!

100 Lap Challenge

The Penguins were also challenge to run 100 laps around our school track! They absolutely smashed it and achieved their challenge by 13:30! Great job Penguins!

Throughout the day, members of The Penguins tribe set them self some mini-100 challenges! 

We had Aiden doing the 100 lego challenge! 

Finn and a few friends attempted the 100 doodle challenge!

Theo started the 100 push up challenge and inspired a few other peers to join their challenge! 

Anya, Grace and Martha started having a go at the 100 rainbow challenge as well!

Very proud of us all! 

Summer Week Three, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 4th May 2021 @ 7:11am

Week 3 Summer Term Blog

English: In English this week we carried on the book ‘Gorilla’ and wrote some more powerful sentences and upskilling dialogue.


Maths: In maths we have been learning how to times by 10, 100 and 1000 also with decimals. We also learnt how to add and subtract decimals.

We have also been doing our daily Fluent in 5.

We have been putting focus on reasoning questions.


Music: In music we learnt another note E7 and put that into a song called ‘Sur le Pont d'avignon’.


French: In French we were learning were the animals that we learnt last week came from. E.G. Le Pingouin est de l’Antartique= Penguins come from the Antarctic.


Drama: In drama this week we were working on Egyptian discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter.


Art: This week in art we were working on our reflection art cutting out shapes of a piece and reflecting them from the piece of paper that we cut out.


Written by 


The Penguins


Summer Week Two!, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 23rd Apr 2021 @ 3:24pm

Summer Term Week 2

We have all had a lovely week this week, the sun has been shining just as bright as our wonderful tribe. Thankyou for a lovely week Penguins, get plenty of rest and enjoy the sun over the weekend. Mr Kennedy

This week we have explored:

Maths: In maths this week we were learning how to order decimal and later in the week learn how to add and subtract them together, making sure we are really understanding out place value with decimals. We have also been working on our daily fluent in 5!

English: In English this week we had a new story with simple sentences in and tried to make them into complex sentences. This is called sentences stacking. We have been looking at Gorilla and identifying key plot points and how they impact the inner feelings of our main character, Hannah. 

We also wrote letters to our partner class, the Puffins at Barden Primary School!

We are really focusing on making sure we have the BEST sentences we can in our writing. 

Topic: This week in topic we were learning facts about countries in different continents. We have explored so many countries around the world and are looking forward to learning more about our local history.


Computing: In computing we learnt how to put pictures into a video and write facts about zoo animals. 


Music: In music we learnt another cord which is the G cord. With this new cord we tried to put it into new songs to play. 



                                                                                                            The Penguins 

Summer Week One Blog, by Richard Kennedy

Date: 16th Apr 2021 @ 12:23pm

First week in the new term 

This week we have started learning a lot of things.

Maths: In maths this week we learnt fraction and how to convert them into decimals later in the week. We need to make sure we are focusing on our place values in whole numbers and decimals numbers. Remembering that decimals are tenth, hundredth and thousandth. We have worked very hard this week to get a strong understanding of decimals, understanding thousandths and decimal as fractions E.G 4/10 = 0.4

English: In English we were learning how to proofread our work to get us ready for our next stage of learning key events. We learnt how to get ideas from a picture and videos in preparation for our big writes. We also set up editing and proof reading stations that will help us improve our work!

P.E: In P.E we did a bleep test which is where we here a bleep and run to the other side of the room/Ball cage. After a certain amount of laps you will get to a harder level - this is preparing us for our daily running and endurance building.

#Getfit    #Bleeptest

Music: In music we are learning how to use the ukulele. We learnt the C C7 and F Cord.

French: In French we learnt animals and tried to complete a conversation with another person.

Computing: In Computing we looked on a website of a zoo and made a PowerPoint about animals that we can show to the year 1 class.



The Penguins

Welcome to Summer!, by Richard Kennedy

Date: 14th Apr 2021 @ 5:47pm


I hope you have all had a well rested break after a busy spring term, and are looking forward to an exciting summer term.

I wanted drop in and let parents know how fantastic the Penguin Tribe has been. They have settled back into the classroom very well and have already demonstrated fantastic learning in our lessons. Also, I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded this terms subject organiser to the website and to Google Classroom. The organiser will give you an overview of what's to come over the next seven weeks. 

Please keep up to date with our blog, as each week students from the tribe will be working with me to inform you all about the exciting learning this week - you can keep an eye our to see if your loved one writes the weekly blog or has a little shout out on the Year 5 page.

Wishing you a sunny, safe and joyful summer,


Mr Kennedy.

Easter Service, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 8:49pm

Photographs of the event can be found here 

click here 


Online Safety, by Mr Pearson

Date: 3rd Mar 2021 @ 4:59pm

The online world offers amazing opportunities but also brings elements of potential risk and for Parents, making sense of the online world can appear to be an enormous challenge.  Unlike previous generations, the online environment is an integral part of children’s lives and therefore we can no longer consider their wellbeing or safety without also considering their relationship to technology.  However, staying safe online is fundamentally about behaviours rather than the technology itself and if approached from this perspective, we can begin to gain confidence to support our children. 

The link below provides some useful tips for Parents when discussing the online environment with children.  In addition, this page also contains a variety of resources which can be used to develop knowledge and confidence to support children.  You will also find useful information in the news and events section of the site through the link at the bottom of the page.

Penguins Birthday Party, by Mr Croft

Date: 1st Dec 2020 @ 3:51pm

Last Tuesday we had our class  party. We all had so much fun, even if it wasn't our party yet.  
We had 5 suprises! The 1st suprise was doing Just Dance and the best dancers got sweets.

Our 2nd suprise was a drawing competition and Teagan came 3rd, Neve came 2nd and Abi came 1st.

Our 3rd suprise was a film. We watched Nativity 2. We then had lunch which was really yummy especialy when you have been dancing half the morning.

Our 4th surprise was a Vocab trail in which there was a word and a theme. Whoever has the most letters win if all the words are right.

And our 5th suprise was a delicious, yummy cake.

Thanks for reading the Penguins weekly blog.

y5 class blog by Grace Martha and Anya, by Mr Croft

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 12:28pm

On Monday we practiced equiviliant fractions in Maths and learned about different compass points in Geography. In grammar we looked at relative clauses. 

On Tuesday we did The Hand Jive in PE and continued to practice equivilant fractions in Maths. In English we practiced our complex sentence skills and we finished the day by creating Marble Run's in DT.

On Wednesday we compared different types of fractions in Maths and had French, ICT and Music with Mr. Richards in the afternoon. 

Thursday we did Dadaism in Art and continued to practice our musical beats. We continued to practice our fractions skills in Maths and ended the day by speeding up our Hand Jive and adding new movements in PE.

On Friday we created portraits of our faces in a Dada style as a surprise for our art teacher next week and we did a few tests in the morning to practice our skills. 

by Anya, Grace and Martha

Marshmallows everywhere., by Mrs Catterall

Date: 1st Nov 2020 @ 7:27pm

Thank you to everyone who supported our enterprise.  We made over 230 marshmallow kebabs for you all to enjoy.

The children get to decide what to do with their profit.  Half will go to charity (exact one yet to be decided) the rest has been spent on Christmas sewing kits and magnets for a Christmas science and DT project.  If there is any left we are going to buy more books for our class library. 



How to access parents evening appointments, by Mr Pearson

Date: 7th Oct 2020 @ 2:43pm

Please find a short PowerPoint below demonstrating how to access your child's parents evening appointment using Google Classroom. I would suggest you check if your appoinment works on your device over the weekend by accessing your child's Google account. Any questions please ask your class teacher or ring Anna. 

Google Classroom appointments.

Year 3 Enterprise, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 5th Oct 2020 @ 9:40pm

Year 3 are going to be holding their enterprise activity on Friday 16th October.

This year we will be doing things a bit differently as we can't all gather to buy our marshmallows from the quad.

We have decided to use an ordering system.  Your child will bring home an order slip.  If you wish to order any marshmallow kebabs please complete the slip and return with the money in a sealed envelope to your class teacher by this Friday, 9th October.

Next Friday the children will make the kebabs and put them in named bags and deliver them to your child's class ready for them to take home.

Thank you

The Elephants 




Google Classroom Information, by Mr Croft

Date: 2nd Oct 2020 @ 4:47pm


The passwords for Google Classroom have been sent out with the children this week and I want to accompany it with a step by step to access the software for those that may need it.

1. Click here to access Google Classroom

2. Click 'Go To Classroom'

3. You should be presented with a login page to use the email and password provided. 

4. Once logged in, click the Pengins classroom (with Kieran Croft)

5. From there children should be able to access that weeks activities. 


Homework will be presented via Jamboard and children will be able to edit and add answers to the jamboard, on the Jamboard children can write, add sticky notes, add text boxes, etc. Using the little menu on the left hand side.

If you have had difficulties inputting the password I will chase this up and have those passwords altered to a more user friendly format at the start of next week. 

Stay safe! 


Mr. Croft

Penguins Autumn 1 Project, by Mr Croft

Date: 2nd Oct 2020 @ 4:40pm

Hi all, 

We have been looking at timelines and chronology in our history lessons so for this half term our project is going to based around this. The children are to create a 'personal timeline' of events in their life that they believe have been important or stand out using photographs and captions.

Children can use any method that they would like to create it, they can create it on a poster or on the computer if they wish, or even using materials to create a more 3D timeline. 

Given the current guidance, I ask that they children take a picture of their project to show and display in class.

I have included a couple of photos beneath to help visualise the idea.

I hope everyone is staying safe!

Mr. Croft

Penguins Homework, by Mr Croft

Date: 23rd Sep 2020 @ 8:37am

Hi all! 

Now that we are back at school and settled in well I just wanted to leave a notice on our class blog about homework. 

Homework for Y5 will be sent out virtually via Google Classroom and children will be able to access Maths and Comprehension homework through that portal. This work will be related to what we have been studying in class that week or recently. 

Outside of Google Classroom, Maths and Reading quiz homework will be set via Mathletics and Reading Eggs and finally, Times Tables Rockstars will be ongoing as multiplication table practice.

I hope everyone is safe and well! 


Mr. Croft

Fantastic range of Summer learning ideas and tasks, by Mr Pearson

Date: 14th Jul 2020 @ 10:03am

Please find a range of fun summer learning tasks to keep you going through the summer holidays. 

You will find a range of ideas produced by the brilliant teachers of Longton. In addition, there are a range of ideas from the Lancashire Learning Consultants. 

Click here to see them all.

Y6 Take over in Y4, by Mr Pearson

Date: 10th Jul 2020 @ 2:16pm

The Y6 girls have taken over the Y4 class bubbles today, with social distancing. The Zoom lessons ran into technical difficulties, however we got there in the end.

This afternoon after a successful arts lessons the Y6 girls have taught Y4 how to play 4 square and taken a mini sports day. 

Thank you 


Maths website, by Mr Pearson

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 3:06pm

Thanks to Logan for this amazing website find.

Welcome back, by Mr Pearson

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 11:50am

Hello Penguins

The last few months have been a very different time for all of us and having to do our work at home will have been fun for some of us and a challenge for others. By being superstars and staying at home you have played a really important part in helping the country bring coronavirus under control.

The time has come now for us to safely return to school on Monday July 6th. You will be in 2 bubbles of 15. Bubble 1 will be in the Music Room with Kelly and Mrs Doherty and the other bubble will be with myself in the Year 6 classroom.

We start at 8.40 and finish at 3.10 we will enter and exit at the Y6 and Y5 corridor door.

Here are some photos of the room

Year 6 classroom

An office with a desk and chair in a room

Description automatically generated

When you come into the rooms you will be asked to sit at a table, this will be your table for the whole time we are in school. Your books will be on the table ready for you.



The first thing you will be asked to do on Monday morning will be to put your book bag (SCHOOL BOOK BAGS ONLY) on your table and then to wash your hands. Once you have done that your teachers stand in our places and explain the new routines, we have to keep us all safe. We will show you our playing out area (the climbing frame), explain our toilet times and how lunchtime will work.

We will not be using the cloakrooms, everything you bring will be staying with you.

What you need to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch – only if you are not having a lunch provided by school
  • Pencil case with colouring pencils/felt tips, pencil rubber etc.  (this will stay at school)
  • School bag (this will stay at school) – all the books we will be working in will be placed in this bag so it must be the school book bag in order for them to fit.
  • A hat to wear in the sun
  • Sun cream
  • Reading Books – these will be placed in a box in the classroom.
  • Any home learning you would like us to look at.


We are looking forward to seeing you on July 6th.


Oliver's water quiz, by Mr Pearson

Date: 21st Jun 2020 @ 9:48am

As part of our learning this week Oliver has produced a water quiz for you and your family to complete.

Well done Oliver 



Lucie has a new kitten, by Mr Pearson

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 6:14pm

Lucie has a new kitten called Jess and she would like to share a few photos of her.

We like good news stories in the Penguin tribe, send me your news and photos to share.

Mr Pearson 

Mathletics, by Mr Pearson

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 10:22am

Mathletics is an excellent resource that school has purchased to aid learning in maths.


The school office will have sent you an email with your password on in April.

If you can't find the email please email Mr Pearson at the following and I will email it to you.

I have included a guide to help you familiarise yourself with how to us it.

Take care 

Class learning, by Mr Pearson

Date: 24th May 2020 @ 8:33am

Don't forget to check the home learning tasks that have been set for your child in the news section of the website.

The work set is to give you as parents guidance, many of you will I am sure have your own systems up and running and that works well for your situation at home. 

Don't forget to email me at for any advice or just a chat about your child's learning or well-being. Many of you have and I appreciate the ability to keep in touch with my tribe.

Kind regards

Mr Pearson


Cyber Bullying, by Mr Pearson

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 3:30pm

An informative read to share with your your children about Cyber Bullying.


Contact the School

Longton Primary School

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Main Contact: Linda Masterson

Tel: 01772 612 495

SEN Contact: Julie Brown

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