Healthy Hearts

After play this morning we had a visit from Sian who works for the charity Heartbeat.

First the children had to draw what they thought was under their skin. They did a great job! Sian then talked about the 206 bones that make up our skeleton . Next we learnt about where our hearts are, what a heart actually looks like and that it's made out of muscle. It was great to look at the model of the heart and learn about the sections inside. The children learnt about how the heart works and that it is important to work our heart to keep it strong and healthy. By running and jumping on the spot we all made our hearts speed up which is what we need to do  every day to keep our hearts healthy.

The children also learnt about the lungs and how they take in oxygen which gets pumped through our body to our brains. Sian talked about what tar does to the lungs and why it is important not to smoke. 

Next on our tour of the body we learnt about the importance of oxygen for our brains to be able to work properly. It was great to learn about what each side of the brain does. 

Veins and arteries came next as we learnt about our blood. We found out that our stomach is like a washing machine, it takes out the goodness and gets rid of the waste. We saw actual size models of our stomachs and learnt that children should always eat less as their stomachs are smaller than an adults. 

The children learnt about cholesterol and bad fats and how it can harm our arteries and slows our blood down. 

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