AGM Minutes

Agenda for Longton Association AGM - 2013/2014



  1. Welcome Everyone was welcomed to the AGM by Co-Chairs Helen Thompson and Donna Booth and thanked for  attending
  2. Apologies received from: Mrs Brown (attended second half of meeting), Rachel Ainsworth, Lisa Fish
  3. Minutes Accepted
  4. Matters Arising. None

Attention was drawn to the  Association email address and section of LPS website where  minutes of meetings and other Association information would be posted


  1. Treasurers Statement was prepared  and submitted by outgoing Treasurer Claire Banks. She drew attention to the following points :
  • Main expenditure in the last year was on ipads for the school (£10k)
  • The Association raises approx. £4500 to £7000 per yr.
  • Funds usually contribute to “big ticket” items that the school could not otherwise afford. In recent years they have funded white boards in all classrooms and the ball cage adjacent to the KS2 playground


There was a query about how requests are made for PTFA funds

ACTION: to be followed up with other procedural issues. Chair/Secretary to report back at next meeting


  1. Report on 2012 – 2013 Events Helen Thompson gave a general account of events through the year, including the Halloween and Valentine Discos, Film nights, Winter Warmer and Spring Fair and the work needed to make them a success. She encouraged parents to get involved with established events, which relied on parents and teachers to make them happen, and not to be afraid to come up with new ideas for events and fundraising.


  1. Election of new Committee members

Treasurer:Vanessa Farrington nominated by Mrs Moxham, Helen Thompson seconded. 

Co-Chairs: Mrs Moxham, nominated by Mrs Brown, Mrs Ainsworth seconded

Emma Chandler, nominated by Helen Thompson, seconded Donna Booth

Vice Chair: Liza Thomson (continuing)

Secretary: Angela Coulton (continuing)


Association Class reps

Reception - vacant

Yr 1 rep: Jackie Singleton

Yr 2: Andrea Hunt

Yr 3: Liza Thompson

Yr4: Sarah McKerney

Yr 5 – vacant (Bethany Parker stood down)

Yr 6: Mrs Ainsworth

Request for Reception  and Yr 5 reps to go out via  Parentmail.

8 Association meetings.

Next meeting  Thurs 7th November 7pm Winter Warmer planning

9Upcoming events

Halloween Disco Planning.

  • Julie Sindall – Halloween decorations
  • Draft poster provided by Ian Singleton.
  • Yr 6 to provide DJ
  • Teachers to provide games
  • Purchasing of crisps and drinks-  Helen Thompson
  • Helpers Key st 1 Vanessa Farington and Sarah Blackhurst, Carol Jepson
  • Key St 2 Donna Booth, Helen Thompson, Angela Coulton
  • Decorations Emma Chandler, Mrs Moxham



  • Mrs Moxham suggested that the funds from donated clothing could be increased if bags for clothes were distributed around village. Also possibly Look into free standing clothing bank and possibly partnering with larger employers in the area and the community church.

ACTION Mrs Moxham, Mrs Barker (WI) to investigate further

  • Investigate purchasing Christmas gifts through particular websites – ACTION Mrs Moxham to provide further details.
  • Request for more frequent Film nights. More helpers needed.  Treasurer confirmed that Association have appropriate licences

ACTION: Mr Pearson to investigate further. Need to send out consent letter or provide link to website with description of film classification (if not U classification)

  • Mrs Moxham drew attention to School recipe book  being developed by Health Ambassadors in Yr 6– best family recipes funding required £300-500. Online submissions shortly – standardised format. £6 price
  • Angela Coulton request that Association again donate some funds for bulbs and plants for ECO team to plant outside school entrance and in Reception/Year 1 playground bed (£85 spent last year). Discussion was inconclusive. Mr Coxhead to be asked come to next meeting and talk about Eco council and planting plans.  Mrs Brown requested that purchasing from businesses associated with committee members is properly conducted following a query from Auditors and suggested declarations of interest from committee members may be needed.

ACTION Chair/Secretary  to invite Mr Coxhead and clarify details of what is required by auditors at next meeting

Claire Banks, thanked by committed for 12 years service as Treasurer. Donna Booth and Helen Thompson thanked for service as co-chairs for last 4 years




AGENDA AGM for The Longton Association.    20:09:2012    The meeting  to commence at 6pm. 

Mrs Booth and Mrs Thompson welcomed everyone to the meeting especially those attending for the first time.

Apologies : Victoria Noble, Janice Grant, Laura Baller, Pauline Gillet, Andrea Hunt,

Attended : Mrs Brown, Donna Booth, Helen Thomson, Paula Jones, Linda , Angela Wearden, Vanessa Farrington, Ian Singleton, Liza Thompson, Rachel Ainsworth, Bethany Parker Sam McGowen, Angela Coulton, Sharron Cross, Lorraine Carter, John Coxhead, Lisa Fish, Claire Banks, Sandra Fletcher, Alison Moxham,


2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting - October 2011

It was officially noted that minutes of this meeting were not taken and this would be rectified for future years following the appointment of an Association Secretary.




3.  Matters Arising

As there were no minutes there were no matters arising from the previous minutes.



4.  Treasurers Financial Statement

The Financial Statement for the year 2011/12 was read by Claire Banks

Discussed all aspects of income and expenditure.

Mrs Brown gave thanks to Claire Banks for administration of money banked.



5. Report on the events of the last year

With the vacant position of a secretary Helen Thompson reported on the events of the year (See attached page 5)

Seasonal discos and shops successful.

Thanks to teachers support in attending the events.



6. Distribution of the Constitution.  (See pack and website)

All money raised through the Association – all gets channelled back into school.

Contains Job descriptions.



7. Election of Parent Governor

It was noted that there are no vacancies at this moment for a Parent Governor. In the future this position will be offered to members of the Association in the first instance.


8. Election of Committee Members

No members have formally stood down

In accordance with the constitution, all Committee Members were re-elected en-bloc, proposed by Donna Booth and seconded by Vanessa Farrington

Anyone not present and not having sent apologies would be contacted by the Secretary with regards to their intentions.

Committee members were elected as follows:


Nominated by

 Seconded by


Donna Booth, Helen Thompson

Julie Brown

Claire Banks


Liza Thomson

Rachael Ainsworth

Claire Banks

Vice Chairperson

Angela Coulton

Rachael Ainsworth

Claire Banks


Claire Banks

Vanessa Farrington


Julie Brown



Sandra Fletcher


Vice Treasurer

New Committee members were elected as follows:


Angela Wierden, Ian Singleton, Samuel McGowen, Rachael Ainsworth.


Class reps

Year R   Jacqui Singleton

Year 1  Andrea Hunt

Year 2 Liza Thomson

Year 3 Sarah McKerney

Year4 Bethany Parker

Year 5 Rachel Ainsworth

Year 6 Lisa Fish


Parent Mail invites recommended via Bursar






9. Pattern of events and sub groups (see appendix page 1-2)


w/c 5th  November – Thursday 8th November 7.00

w/c 21st January – Thursday’s 7.00

w/c 1st May -

w/c 8th July


Sub Committee

Andrea  - chair of winter warmer.

Claire    -  chair of Summer Fair


Mrs Coulton to join Ladies night

Ian Singleton / Lorraine Carter– Winter Warmer

Liza – Disco. Winter Warmer

Rachael Ainsworth- Winter Warmer


Claire –Winter warmer sub committee replaced by Andrea Hunt.

Andrea – Spring fair subcommittee replaced by Claire

Angela Coulton/ Rachael Ainsworth – decorate santa grotto

Liza Thomson & Rachael Ainsworth – wrapping







Sub Committee

Wednesday 19th Sept

Meet the Teacher.

Hand out leaflets for AGM

All Teachers

Tuesday 27th Sept

Film Night

2 films, tickets, juice and crisps.

Teachers cover film

Source films –Vanessa

juice and crisp – Paula Jones

Linda do tickets.

Thursday 18th October

Ladies Night

Donna, Helen, Laura, Victoria

Thursday 25th October

Halloween Disco

Sweets and Juice – Paula Jones

(Buy tubes of sweets for Christmas 200)

Decorate hall – TA’s

Mr Orritt/Thomas DJ

Teachers cover disco

Tickets Linda

Friday 23rd November

Non- Uniform day for Winter warmer

Linda Letter


Winter warmer hamper

Mrs Caunce

Thursday 29th Nov

Winter Warmer (Theme)

Andrea Hunt, Pauline, Ruth, Imogen, Iain, John, Rachael, Angela.

Friday 14th Dec

Gifts and Disco

Teachers = Disco

Linda Disco Tickets

Gifts buying/wrapping/selling – Katherine Cowley, Andrea Hunt, Vanessa, Beth Parker, Janice G.


Tuesday 18th December

Thursday 20th Dec

Breakfast with Santa

Toast/milk/juice/bowls/spoons/cups? Linda Harrison, Andrea Hunt.

Tickets Linda

Teachers cover serving etc.

Friday 21st Dec

Carol Service post drinks in school

Linda warm water.

Buy tea/coffee/sugar/milk/juice/biscuits?

Liza T

Serve Sarah, Rachael

Monday 28th January

Film Night

Teachers cover film.

Source films? Heather Cooksley

juice and crisps? Paula

Linda do tickets.

Wednesday 13th Feb

Valentine Shop

Buy and Sell Liza, Lisa F, Donna, Helen, Andrea

Wednesday 14th Feb

Valentine Shop

As above

Wednesday 14th Feb

Valentine Disco

Sweets and Juice ? Paula

Decorate hall – TA’s

Mr Orritt/Thomas DJ

Teachers cover disco

Tickets Linda

Tuesday 26th March

Easter Bonnet Parade KS1 and Egg decorating Comp KS2

Prizes –  buy WH Smith Voucher

Judge – Governor

Letter – Linda


Wednesday 26th March

Easter Shop

Letter Linda

Buy and sell Liza, Lisa F, Donna, Andrea, Helen

Wednesday 26th March

Easter Bingo

Letter Linda

Caller – ? Volunteer

Helen buy tickets.

Sweets, Juice, Paula

Buy bingo – Iain Pearson

Monday 15th April

Clothing Collection

Donna/Linda – reminder




Wednesday 8th May/ 12th June/ 3rd July

Sports Day

Tombola? Sarah, Bev

Juice/crisps etc? Helen

Friday 17th May

Car Treasure Hunt

Mr Nelson, Claire, Sandra

Thursday 20th June

Spring Fair

Linda H, Lisa F, Vanessa, Claire, Rachael A, Janice G, Sarah

Tuesday 13th June

Speak at New Reception Evening


Tuesday 4th July

End of year disco

Helen, Donna, Bev


All of this left to one person can be onerous which is why we enlist the active support of each member as a subcommittee. 

There is a lot of input but spread out over the year and with different lead people it is not too onerous.  Whilst we understand not everyone can make every event or meeting we do value and need the support of each member voted on the committee.


10. Any Other Business

Ladies Evening 18th November 2012-

Ian Singleton – Poster /Marketing development


Look into Longton Open Gardens, Uncle Bob, Classes have own garden, - Uncle Bob/ Angela Coulton/ Eco Team- Gardening Committee- Parent helpers ( Dan Ainsworth for Saturday Before )


Sam McGowen – ambassadors coming into school – drug and alcohol addiction.

Mrs Coulton – Florist, sustainable food for local authority.

Commitment for planting bulbs for planter areas - £250 to eco team fund to maintain raised beds on an annual basis.

Mr Orritt and band will play at parent event.

More opportunities for dads and lads

Designer recycling

Teddy swap.

Talent show- school council Lorraine Carter






Donna Booth and Helen Thompson to give special thanks to all who had supported the events during the year.

Mrs Brown thanked parents and the committee for all they did to support the school.  She went on to thank the committee for their hard work over the year and for being such an enthusiastic body of parents, friends and staff who put such time and energy into everything that they did.


Next meeting Thursday 8th November 2012.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.15pm


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