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I would like to thank the following pupils and their parents for supporting the Association on Saturday by helping pack bags for the customer in Booths. The pupils were exellent; so many customers said how polite and helpful our pupils were and they were an absolute credit to themselves and their school. Some pupils stayed for over 2 hours they were enjoying it so much.

We manage to raise over £500 which was excellent and all the children were really surprised at how busy it was. We have another bag pack organised for September at Morrisons in Preston and so I hope so many of you will be able to join us again.

Year 3 - Katie B, Katie D, Megan. Leah

Year 4- Logan, Tilly, Maisie, Emma, Jasmine, Bobby Joe, Josh Wh

Year 5 - Darcey, Ella, James, Albie, Todd, Josie, Harry N, Lewis

Year 6- Stephen, Jack, Ellie, Emily, Hannah. Lydia

I hope I didnt forget anyone as I really did appreciate all your help! Ellie White helped manyof the younger ones and was there for most of the day!

Thanks Again.



Sub Committee


 Parent Mail invite to AGM



Film Night

2 films, tickets, juice and crisps.

Teachers cover film

juice and crisp – mrs Thompson

Linda do tickets.

association AGM 9/10/13

minutes online  

Thursday 24th October

Halloween Disco

Sweets and Juice – 


Decorate hall –Mrs Thomson, Co Chairs

DJ - Year 6 

Teachers cover disco

Tickets Linda

Friday 22rd November

Non- Uniform day for Winter warmer

Linda Letter


Winter warmer hamper

Mrs Caunce

Thursday 27th Nov

Winter Warmer (Theme)



Gifts and Disco

Teachers =

Linda Disco Tickets

Gifts buying/wrapping/selling – 



Breakfast with Santa

Toast/milk/juice/bowls/spoons/cups? .

Tickets Linda

Teachers cover serving etc.

Friday 20th Dec

Carol Service post drinks in school

Linda warm water.

Buy tea/coffee/sugar/milk/juice/biscuits?



Wednnesday 22nd Jan

Film Night

Teachers cover film.

Source films? 

juice and crisps? 

Linda do tickets.


Valentine Shop

Buy and Sell


Valentine Shop

As above


Valentine Disco

Sweets and Juice ? Paula

Decorate hall – TA’s


Teachers cover disco

Tickets Linda


Easter Bonnet Parade KS1 and Egg decorating Comp KS2

Prizes –  buy WH Smith Voucher

Judge – Governor

Letter – Linda



Easter Shop

Letter Linda

Buy and sell 


Easter Bingo

Letter Linda

Caller – ? Volunteer


Sweets, Juice, Paula

Buy bingo – Iain Pearson


Clothing Collection

 – reminder


Sports Day


Juice/crisps etc? 


Car Treasure Hunt?



Spring Fair



Speak at New Reception Evening



End of year disco



All of this left to one person can be onerous which is why we enlist the active support of each member as a subcommittee. 

There is a lot of input but spread out over the year and with different lead people it is not too onerous.  Whilst we understand not everyone can make every event or meeting we do value and need the support of each member voted on the committee.


If you can help at any of the actually events please shout out and let us know – many hands make light work.


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