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Year 6 representatives have been working hard with Mrs Fletcher to develop our Fair trade status as we are aiming to be a Fair trade school. They have big plans to create a Fairtrade snack bar and our Harvest assembly will be devoted to Fairtrade with each class focusing on a different area.

I hope you can join us in St Andrews Church on Tuesday 9.15.



With Mrs Fletcher the fairtrade group have been practising for the harvest and we are aiming to get the Fairtrade award. We have written a letter to Mr Glover about having a person to help us get the  Fairtrade award. By getting a person to be in Fairtrade it will help us achive the award. We have also been having meetings with Mrs Fletcher to discuss what we are going to do next. We are also going to have a fairtrade snack bar soon which will be in the hall at break time.

By Sophie Jeffryes

Harvest Assembly

This morning our Harvest Assembly was about Fairtrade and the Fairtrade Foundation. The Fairtrade Ambassadors did a presentation about Fairtrade and the work of the Foundation. Each tribe then took it in turns to talk about a particular Fairtrade product. The Bears told us about chocolate, The Lions did a fantastic play about sugar, The Hippos talked about flowers, The Tigers talked about cotton, The Cocodiles about bananas, The Dragons told us about tea. and The Kangaroos finished by talking about coffee. Later on when we were back at school every child decorated an envelope with Fairtrade images to take home. Every family has been asked to make a donation to the Fairtrade Foundation and we hope to raise alot of money for a very worthy charity. Thank you to everybody for working so hard to learn about Fairtrade for our Harvest service.

Mrs Fletcher


Visit by Lush - Fairtrade Bath products ::::::::::::::::::::::  

We were vistited by lush to find out about fairtrade and what lt sells. We Made up our own raps about fair trade - here are a few.

Alex Pritchard

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