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June 2014

Recount of our First Public Speaking Competition June 2014


As a speaker I enjoyed my own part. Although I slipped up, I did well. I also enjoyed watching all of the other schools and learning new things. My speech was on the world cup 2022 in Quatar and I think I succeeded.

Carys Allwright:

The highlight for me as a speaker was just taking part. Despite the fact that it would have been really amazing if myself, my team mates or my school had won, it was still an opportunity I can‘t take away from. I am proud of myself and my team , without whom I couldn’t have completed it. They supported me when I felt like o didn’t want to do it and found it hard to remember what to say. Also, I think Hannah and Thomas did amazing as did our opposing team. I am so glad I was chosen and had the chance to take part. I definitely enjoyed it!

Hannah Cowley:

As the proposer, the highlight for me was just taking part and the thrill of performing. I enjoyed people listening to what I had to say and I did the same when others were talking. I also thought the other teams were really good aswell.

Ella Doherty:

As the chair, it was good to present and thank my team for their e4fforts. I was also complemented by 3 people saying that I should have won the best chair person. Most of all it was great taking part and trying something new!

Josie Rawlings:

It was a great opportunity. I also enjoyed being in the audience watching the others. I particularly enjoyed Whitefield’s as their speaker was American and had the same views on uniform as my mum.

Thomas Holmes:

My highlight was introducing the team. I am really glad I had the opportunity. I thought Mark from PCP was the best chair!


In the audience for coming 2nd in painted 60/60 board competition

Todd Mayor

Middleforth were speaking about ‘Big Numbers’ …Yawnnnnn I thought but actually when they finished I thought it was great! Our teams were good, especially Ella. Well Done Longton.

Sasha Cooksley:

I really enjoyed watching their superb perfomances. One of the highlights was being able to support Longton as they went to the chairs confidently.

Olivia Tomlinson:

I was impressed by their speaking and how determined they were to get the job done. You could tell they were alittle nervous but all really enjoyed it. What a superb time.


January 2014

Typically it is our Year 6 pupils who hold the roles of responsibility in school.  However, some of our Meerkats have been acting very responsibly by designing , resourcing and running their own clubs on a Tuesday lunchtime. Never before has this happened and although we were unsure about how well they would be run, we needn't have worried. The ICT club run by Liv and  Sarah, the dance and singing club run by Hannah N, Molly and Holly has been super and the craft club run by Olivia T,  Ella and helped by many other Year 5 girls has been a huge success. Have a look at the craft club. They look great!

 Make IT Happy challenges 9-11 year olds to demonstrate how technology can be used creatively to make people happy. The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Make IT Healthy’. It called for school children to investigate potential uses of technology to support a healthy and active lifestyle, building on the enthusiasm surrounding the London 2012 Olympics.

Twelve schools travelled to London to visit the Houses of Parliament and receive their prizes. The Lord Speaker, Lady d’Souza, presented cheques for £1200 to the regional winners, and Paralympic athlete Lady (Tanni) Grey-Thompson presented additional prizes to the overall winners.

First prize, a cheque for £4000, was awarded to pupils at Longton Primary School, Preston, who learnt to use Scratch to programme short animations on the theme of healthy living. The animations used characters designed to have wide appeal, and were shown in school assembly before being loaded onto the school’s website so that parents and others could benefit from them. 


Make £5 Grow - enterprise initiative with Virgin Money

Press release

Cooking competition - Entry, Letter from pupils,  Press Release and video

Take over Day 2012- 26th October 2012.

Year 6 did a great job at taking over the school. South Ribble Youth Partnership group use us as a model of outstanding Pupil voice and use our model when asked about how to allow pupils to understand the role of teachers within school and careers in the future.

All the classes had positive feedback for the Year 6 pupils, They felt the lessons were fun, exciting and they learned alot, however some children felt that Year 6 could have been more organised. WE have a display in the Year 5/6 corridor which I will add to this gallery soon.


Buddies- Autumn 2012

Year 5 are being fantastic buddies to the new Reception class. We are proud of their kind and caring nature and Reception pupils are finding their playtime games loads of fun. Have a look at some of the photos to see how much fun they have.

Year 6 have been good role models as their continue their buddy work with year 1.

Remembrance Day

The Year 6 children led the 2 minute silence with two prayers that they had chosen along with the last post. The pupils were a credit to themselves and the school in their respect for this tradition. They left assembly listening to the words of the famous song' Last night I had the strangest dream' where William reminded the pupils that they could make a difference to the peace of the world through their decisions and dreams for the future.

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