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Giant Walking Bus ( Brake Charity) June 2014

Huge thank you for all pupils, parents, governors and staff who supported the Giant walking bus event today to raise awareness  ( through the charity BRAKE) of the need to reduce speed in our communities. We have yet to total the final numbers but it was HUGE!! We even had a baby mouse try and join in but after a few screams he decided he didnt want to join us afterall! Thank to Derek Thompson for his support on the day.

Well Done Longton Pupils, another great community initiative supported and I have sent your photographs to the Lancashire Evening Post. Fingers Crossed we'll be in.

I will add the money raised as soon as it's been counted.



A new year 2013/2014 - New ambassadors - Phoebe Ainsworth and Ellie White.

Jan 2014

They have worked hard this week replacing the Investors in Pupil display with a healthy lunchbox display. They will do an assembly to teach pupils on what needs to go inside a healthy lunchbox, show examples of the different  types of food groups and celebrate pupils making the right choices with new special healthy lunch box stickers.

Well Done Girls. They also enjoyed updating the Governors on their action plan this term.


Friday 27th September 2013





As health ambassadors this year, we would like to organise a big change to cookery at Longton. So this Friday we went to Booths to see if they could sponsor us for a cookbook idea. We went to their offices in Longton, met a manager who took lots of details as we told them about idea. They liked it but need to check whether they would be able to sponsor us. We think it went very well and we are hoping they will get back to us with some good news. They were very kind so they put out some fruit for us and we had some yummy strawberries and apples.


We also had another idea of creating a cooking area in school so after we had finished our lovely talk to the booths staff we popped into pinnacles work top and kitchen suppliers and fitter to ask if they had any old kitchen items that we could have. We explained we didn’t really need a new kitchen ( as that might be expensive ) but we could use some good cupboards and doors. They said they would try and help. So all in all it was a great day.


You’re Health Ambassadors


Ellie White and Phoebe Ainsworth


Congratulations to Harriet and Nisha on their appointment to the new role of Health Ambassadors. They will have a busy year as Longton primary work towards the Food for Life awards along side the Lancashire County Council Healthy school awards. Healthy schools involves not just healthy eating but fitness, emotional health, social education, keeping safe and avoiding drugs, alcohol and other potentially harmful situations.

The girls are currently undertaking an audit of schools provision in all these areas and will then decide on a plan of action. They will update you on their plans and progress through newsletters posted on this site, displays through schools and information on the school newsletter.

All the best girls in your new role.

24/9 After meeting this week, the Health ambassadors have been busy arranging for a local chemist to come and talk to year 6 pupils about prescription drugs and antibiotics and they have been trying to arrange some visitors into school to talk about the misuse of drugs and alcohol.  They are hoping to arrange some first aid training also with pupils to help them know their ABC of first aid.

Minutes of Meeting 25/9/12

Hi, and welcome to the Health ambassadors blog update.

For the next two weeks we would like you to focous on these four key points....

1. Always eat breakfast
2. Don't be a Dolittle!
3. Aim to eat 5 fruit or veg a day
4. Be active
By Harriet and Nisha 


11/10-/12 The Health Ambassadors shared their action plan with the Governors at the Curriculum Governors meeting. They were excellent ambassadors for school.



Ambassadors Training of Year 1 to wash hands



15/10 The Health Ambassadors held an assembly today to show pupils how to wash their hands in an attempt to educate them of the importance and also to reduce time pupils have off school sick. Well Done Girls



Copy of assembly powerpoint



/uploads/8/files/Teddy.doc This is


This is the link above for the washing hands colouring competition


Anti - bullying week



Nisha and Harriet planned a super assembly on the importance of rejecting bullying and bullying behaviour. The children really enjoyed the Who wants to be a millionaire game - although were disappointed that they couldn't win real money. Well done girls.



Copy of video that we produced in an attempt to win £10000 for a make over of school - where we asked for a cookery room.






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