This term in maths we are covering:

Place value (including decimals)

Written addition and subtraction (4 digit numbers and decimals to 2 places)


Geometry and measures (perimeter)

Addition and subtraction using statistics (e.g. data from a line graph)

In addition to that, we will be doing weekly 'Big Maths Beat That' challenges so the children can practice speedy mental artithemetic. 

If you'd like to play some maths games at home, here are a few websites that might be worth a look at:

Topmarks - it's best for revision because it covers everything in KS2, and we are getting towards the top end of that now! But it's great if there are a couple of gaps in your knowledge, or if you'd just like a little refresher on stuff you've done before.

Primary Maths Games - I think this one is a bit better, but some of the games might not work if you're on a tablet.

IXL - Personally, I think this one is the best. It isn't games like the other two, it is just questions for you to work through - but it's really great for reasoning skills and problem solving and it uses helpful visuals too. 100% worth a go if there is something you are finding tricky and ALL of the year 5 curriculum if up there (and the previous years if you click on the tabs on the side if you find you need to refresh on a few things)! We will definitely be using this one in class this year.

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