This year at Longton Primary School we have changed our awards. Team points have stayed the same in some classes, they are visually  displayed in our classrooms, you usually get 1 team point however the maximum is 2. You get team points if you do amazing work and if your behaviour is good. Adult facilitated  team point captain presented every week in assembly and winning team gets non uniform day at the end of every half term. On a Monday assembly we give out special certificates,chosen carefully to celebrate all areas of the curriculum and behaviour. Pupils to bring work into assembly to celebrate success. When a teacher is extremely impressed with your work you go to the headteachers office to get a silver star however if you get 12 silver stars you get a gold star to keep forever. We have star letters that we send home, these are children nominated by any member of staff who are always making the right choices and always follow the school rules. We have a celebration assembly with certificates wich are for Litaracy, numeracy, topic, seal,  contribution to the tribe and tribe of the term. Every class has class complements, any member( other than your teacher) can award a class complement. These are awarded when the whole class is ( spotted) making all the right choices and following our xxx rules.  Once a class has achieved 20 awards, they will be entitled to a special treat for their class.

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