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On Thursday 23rd January,  the school council organised a Charity fun day for the 'Make a Wish'  Foundation. They organised a raffle, a Guess How Many Stars game and Guess where the wish took us. After hard work at break time and lunch time, the school councillors and some of their friends in Year 6, they can report that it was a successful day. Thanks to your generous donations of cakes and biscuits and sweets we managed to raise over £360 for the good cause. One of our Governors, Lorraine Carter, also wanted to thank the council for their hard work and the pupils of Longton Primary School for their generous contribution and a great day.
Well done everyone. We are hoping to arrange for a representative from the charity to come and collect the proceeds of the day in an assembly. We will keep you posted.



Our school councillors this year in year 6 leading our team are Lewis Spink, Ewan McKerney, Emily Ruscoe and Abigail Jeffryes. They co ordinate the whole school council team which consists of 2 tribe members from every class from year 2 - year 5. Theymeet once a month to keep on top of organising ecents and occassionally meet just as year 6 to ensure all tasks are fulfilled.


Welcome to our school council page. Over the year, the school council will be posting information about the great work that they are doing to enhance pupils enjoyment at Longton Primary. It is a very exciting year as we are awating as assessor from Investors in pupils to come in to see if we can be awarded our Investors In Pupils Award. We have worked very hard for this and I know that the whole school feels like our pupils independently and within our tribes have a huge voice in decisions made in school.

24/9 Our school councillors have been meeting to discuss which charity we should represent this year and any other fund raising initiatives. We are about to start a behaviour audit and a questionnaire about their tribes.

It is very exciting as we are also going to begin to plan our take over day.

Minutes meeting 25/9/12

Whole School Council minutes 26/9/12


9/10/12 The school council presented an assembly focussing on the role of Governors for the whole school. They prepared a powerpoint with an outline of each of the Governors, including their photograph and explained what the role of Governors in school were. They have invited the Governors into school on parents evening in November so that they can chat to parents and pupils about their role. I will attach their powerpoint later this week.

11/10/12 The school council presented their action plan to the Governors at a meeting today so they were upto date with their focus and action plan for 2012/2013. Well done.

Governors meeting powerpoint by Amelia and Georgina

School Council , Year 5 and Year 6 got together for an afternoon of art and reflection on prejudice and equality. They produced a Children's single equality charter and a fantastic display.

Longton Primary School Single Equality Charter- see our fabulous display


Assembly - How much do things cost? 

Cameron and Matthew presented a fantastic assembly on what the cost of school resources are so that each class could consider how much equipping their room would be. The children listened intently as the boys demonstarted how much per pupil, per class and overall for the whole school. So many 'ooh' and 'aah' came from the pupils as they couldn't believe how much things cost. At the end the pupils in assembly decided what they could do as a tribe to look after their own class resources.


AGM Wednesday 14th November 2012- invited Mrs G Garside & Mrs L Carter as Governor representatives. Mrs Harrison as parent representative and Mrs Sandy Jackson and Alison Moxham as staff. Minutes to follow.

 Annual General Meeting School Council minutes - click here.

South Ribble Borough Council teacher and pupil assessment of Take over day. Teacher form       Pupil Form by Amelia Suffell


Children in need sweet stall

The school council were brilliant on the Children in need sweet stall on Monday. Linda is busy adding up the proceeds and will let you all know in the next newsletter.

 Investors in PupilInI

Investors in pupil

Congratulations to the school council for this Prestigious award. Please find a copy of the report on the curriculum and Investor in Pupil page of the website.


Our Charity this term is North West Ambulance and a representative called Mr R Beech came in to talk about their need for donations. It was very interesting and we decided that we would plan some fun events in the NewYear.

Shoe Boxes

Thankyou to everyone who contributed items or full boxes for the Rotary Shoe Box appeal. They were very pleased with our efforts and infact took our photographs so we could be in the newspaper. Well Done everyone. The school councillors did a great job in organising and preparing the boxes.

13th March 2013 

Hi we are the wrist ambassadors and we are called Sam Coulthard,Lewis Hayter,Olivia Ball and Alice Baker and our job is to modify things in the school also think of new ideas to make our school a better place. today we took a trip to Penwortham golf club for a special meeting. There were lots of schools and they were quiet friendly, we all sat round six tables and talked.

One of the things was a new school moto and we had to in a school make a new wrist representative and at the head teachers meeting next Friday they will pick witch will be used for the wrist reresentive sighn,we also learn't about  and racism that it is very naughty and it can hurt other people’s feeligs. there are different types of racism; there is culture,skin, colour,religion,and nationality.   



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