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Trip to Blackpool to watch Aladdin, by Mr Pearson

Date: 1st Dec 2021 @ 2:46pm

Today the whole school got on 3 double deckers and travelled to Blackpool Globe Theatre pleasure land to watch Aladdin. We all had a fabulous time thank you very much to all our volunteers who came to help and to Anna for organising.

Science melting chocolate, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 7:37pm

Q: what effects how fast chocolate melts?

We used heat packs and different chocolate to explore and observe how they melted.  Most groups discovered the aero chocolate started to melt first and thought this was because it air pockets in it so the chocolate wasn’t as thick in some places.  After a period of time most groups discovered it was actually the white chocolate that completely melted first. It was the galaxy or dairy milk chocolate that melted the least. 

Why did each group get different results? What affected our results?

Would we get the same results if the chocolate was in our hands?

Remembrance day, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 11th Nov 2021 @ 7:44pm

Today was a lovely day in school.  The Elephant tribe yet again shone brightly.  We enjoyed listening to Mr Turner and his stories from his childhood about his dad going off to war.  We showed respect during our 2 minutes silence to all those who have died as a result of war, sang a beautiful song and reflected on our word of the year 'UNITY', thinking about how we can be united together.

We have enjoyed several art based activities today.  Take a look at our fabulous work and our amazing outfits. 

The children have written their own thoughts and reflections on the things we have talked about today, you will be able to read their work which is in their google drive.  I will post a few on here shortly. 

Thank you Elephants for a lovely day. 

Happy Diwali, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 4th Nov 2021 @ 9:04pm

A huge thankyou to Xavi for bringing into school some sweet treats for Diwali to share with the class. It was a lovely treat and opportunity to try something new. 

A crime and punishment review, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 4th Nov 2021 @ 8:17pm

We have been learning about crime and punishment in history this term. We know the crime and punishments in Roman times. One of them isThe Lions where you get thrown into a pit of lions. If you were a slave of a poor person, the Emperor had nothing to take away from you so you would be executed by drowning or you would be thrown in a barrel with a monkey, dog , snake and many more animals. You might have one of your limbs cut off. There are many more punishments!


Crimes in the Victorian times were like stealing food from a local food stall or they could murder someone by stabbing or shooting people.


Olive and Edward

Ethan’s electrical circuit, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 4th Nov 2021 @ 8:06pm

The children loved our electricity topic. Ethan brought in a fabulous kit, we loved it. Thank you 😊 

Snow White production, by Mr Pearson

Date: 2nd Nov 2021 @ 2:23pm

A special treat for all the children today, Mrs Brown organised for a pantomime to come into  school based on Snow White. All the children had a fantastic time. 

Autumn 2nd half term, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 30th Oct 2021 @ 7:37pm

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday with stories about your holidays. 

We have an exciting event planned, in the afternoon we will get to experience all about 'The Americas' using the latest Virtual reality headsets.   Permission forms and payment information is available on Scopay.

I have added this half terms subject organiser to the main part of our class page so you can see in more detail the topics we will be covering. 

I will add this to the google classroom information as well. 

Please keep checking back on the blog for information and pictures of our lessons, we love sharing them with you.

REMEMBER - Reading books to change on Monday please and PE kits. Swimming will continue to be on a Tuesday morning. 

Mrs Catterall 

Trafalgar Square sculpture, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 28th Oct 2021 @ 4:44pm

I thought I'd share this photo.  It is of a sculpture I saw in Trafalgar Square  

Does it remind you of an artist we looked at in Year 3?  We made our own 3D sculptures using Modroc.

The artist we looked at was called Claes Oldenburg.  This sculpture was created by Britush artist Heather Phillipson. 

The Tower of London, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 28th Oct 2021 @ 4:36pm

I've had a busy few days in London. Unfortunately there wasn't many photos to be taken relating to our topic.  I did get a good photo of a replica of 'The Rack'  though.

I also found out some facts about the bridges near the Houses of Parliament.  I'll tell you all about it next week as part of Parliament Week. 

Hope you are having a great half term. See you Monday. 

Happy half term holidays, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 3:04pm

Thank you to all the elephants and your families.  We have had a fantastic first half term in school.  Your enthusiasm has been infectious and you have all shone with your learning, aiming to be your best self.  I wish you all a lovely half term.  I'm off to London for a few days and will visit the Tower of London.  I'll see what photos I can take related to our learning on Crime and Punishment.   I have uploaded an assignment in google classroom for your Holiday Passports in case you haven't got your book.

I'll see you in a week for some more amazing learning.
Stay safe
Mrs Catterall

Music - Ukelele, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 3:02pm

The children have made great progress in their ukulele playing.  They have been playing chords, reading musical notes and playing and singing.  Today’s performances were just ‘WOW’

Crime and punishment, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 3:00pm

We have loved our topic on crime and punishment.  

Edward and Olive have written us a review. 

Halloween Party Fun, by Mr Pearson

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 10:20am

Lots of fun was had at the school's first disco for 18 months. 


D.T. Our Diwali designs., by Mrs Catterall

Date: 17th Oct 2021 @ 1:35pm

We have been busy creating diagrams of our designs for our light up Diwali signs.  Once drawn out and labelled we uploaded them to our google slide show for this project.

We cant wait to start the making process on Tuesday next week.

Clay dragon eyes, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 17th Oct 2021 @ 1:32pm

Google Classroom, by Mr Pearson

Date: 12th Oct 2021 @ 11:31am

A guide has been added to the class page to give you directions how to access Google Classroom and Google Meet for parents evening. 

Please check you have your child's username and login.

Lion's your is coming home today 12th October 

Please have a look at how to do before Monday so we can answer any questions.

Kind regards

Mr Pearson  

Maths Venn diagrams, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 6th Oct 2021 @ 1:22pm

Tudor punishments, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 3:29pm

Today we started our lesson by talking about why we learn about history.  I was very impressed with the children’s ideas. “To uncover mysteries from the past”. “To see how the world has changed over time” “ To find out how life has improved” “So we can learn how to make things better”.

Our focus was on the Tudor times, we were hoping the punishments wouldn’t be as bad, but they got worse,

Can you work out what the punishments were?

Dragons eyes Clay group 1, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 3:02pm

Anglo Saxon Wergild, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 23rd Sep 2021 @ 8:45pm

We have had an exciting history lesson today. Did you know in the Anglo-Saxon times the criminal would have to pay wergild (compensation to the victim), the amount paid would depend on the injuries the victim had.  We had 6 teams who had to work out how much they were owed based on the injuries they received.  

We then took on roles of a jury, Anglo Saxon or a modern Britain and had to argue the punishment for different crimes from that period of History’s point of view.  

D.T. Making a switch, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 21st Sep 2021 @ 10:00pm

To finish off an amazing day we completed a focused task of making switches.  There was a collection of resources available for the children to select from and they got to work having a go.  The tin foil was shiny and taught their attention - is it a conductor? Can we cover everything in tin foil to make it look shiny and pretty? What did you discover?

Swimming, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 21st Sep 2021 @ 9:48pm

The day has finally come, we got to go swimming.  We were very excited this morning, we planned ahead and got our hats on ready.  All the children were longton superstars. 🌟

There behaviour was outstanding, their listening was excellent, they showed support for their friends who were nervous and gave it a fantastic effort. I am very proud of them all.  I’m looking forward to next week already.

Keep shining brightly Elephants ⭐️

Cricket - bowling today, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 21st Sep 2021 @ 9:39pm

This week we learnt about bowling in cricket.  It’s a bit different throwing a cricket ball compared to when we have learnt about throwing before. You have to keep your arm straight.  It was a bit tricky but we will keep practising. Chris gave us a few techniques to help us - a seesaw or a number 6. 

Buddhism visitor, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 18th Sep 2021 @ 12:24pm

This week we enjoyed a special visitor to school, a lady who follows the religion of Buddhism.  She told us about what she believes and how she lives her life.

Back in class the children reflected on what they had learnt and thought about the behaviours they should show to be a good friend. 

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