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Mondays assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 23rd Apr 2018 @ 8:09pm

Blog written by our year 6 PSHE leaders

Today's assembly was about what does loneliness feel like? Loneliness may be when you are homeless , alone and left out. The U.K., sadly, has loneliness problems. Many people assume that it is just elderly people who are lonely, but 1 in 20 Young people have actually said they are lonely, they are the heart of the problem. Some of the cause of being lonely are if you are starting a new school or if you are just naturally shy. We looked at some pictures with groups of children in them, we had to think, which child was feeling lonely, on one, one of the people were on there own, so we knew that that child was lonely. We then looked at a letter in which a mum had wrote about her daughter because she was shy, had no brother or sisters and the mum was asking for advice. Once we had read the letter we thought of ways we would include the little girl. We had lots of ideas like: invite her to parties, ask her to play a game with you in the playground and make the effort. We got set a challenge to look out for people who were a bit lonely in the playground and see if they would like to play a game with you. We also need to remember that sometimes people aren't lonely, they might just want some alone time.

Thursday assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 20th Apr 2018 @ 7:07am

In assembly today we started off thinking about the word devotion and what are we devoted to. We shared our thoughts about how we know someone I'd devoted to a football team or a pop band. We listened to a story from India. This story happened 300 years ago! In our reflection we thought about some famous words one of the gurus in our story said. We also thought about how we can be brave and little things we would do that we were, in the past, afraid to do.

Tuesday Assembly Blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 17th Apr 2018 @ 8:53pm

Written by our Year 6 PSHE leaders

Today in our jigsaw assembly we learnt about friendships and relationships. Our title in jigsaw this half term is about friendships. We were talking about how baking a chocolate cake is like making a new friend. We put in our suggestions about the ingredients of a friendship, we had: loyalty, kindness, fun, and a friend that is always our friend. We had some time to think about if we had been kind to our friends today. We always have to remember to listen to our friends, to share with our friends, be kind to our friends and of course have fun with our friends!


Monday Assembly Blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 17th Apr 2018 @ 8:50pm

Written by our year 6 PSHE leaders


Today's assembly was about, how much of our lives should we share with others? In the news this week it said about how lots of people's private information was leaked all over Facebook. We learnt about how things in the past have now changed, like how in the past we would go to the travel agents if we wanted to go on holiday, but now we can go onto the internet and book there instead. We have also been thinking about how you would act in different situations like how you would act when arguing with your brother or sister. Facebook is now thinking about a messenger app for kids, as lots of adults use it. Parents will be able to look at what their child has been doing on this app. It will allow children to communicate even if they do not have a phone number. Our reflection today was about the rules of law and we had a lot of questions.

Picture News - British Values - w/c 16th April, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 16th Apr 2018 @ 8:05am

Please find attached a copy of the picture news resource we will be discussing in assembly this week.

Take some time to chat about it at home.


Picture News , by Mrs Catterall

Date: 13th Apr 2018 @ 11:07pm

Dear parents

Picture News is a resource we use in our assemblies to share and dicusss with the children.

This week our assembly was titled, 'Who does the World belong to?'  This also linked with our assembly about 'Earth Day'.

A Picture News - home resources is attached to this blog.  Please look out for a parent mail giving you more infomation and look back at the blog each week to find out more about the news topics we will be exploring in school. 

Mrs Catterall



Happy Mothers Day, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 7th Mar 2018 @ 6:31pm

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely ladies of Longton.

Writing Challenge, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 2nd Mar 2018 @ 6:57pm

Thank you to all of the children and teachers for creating such a magnificent story.


Thursday evening, by Miss Leigh

Date: 22nd Feb 2018 @ 10:19pm

Sleeping lions or a power nap?  


It’s a little after 10pm and all the children are tucked up in bed, the lights are out (except for the fantastic star light in the elephant’s room) and the children are sleeping.  

Bright and early start tomorrow then 3 activities before heading home.  

Exhausted after our busy day, by Miss Leigh

Date: 22nd Feb 2018 @ 7:32pm

Wow.  What an amazing day we have had.  So many of the tribe have steppe day out of their confort zone, tried something new and been genuine superstars.  We have even been praised on our manners! 

Thursday lunch, by Miss Leigh

Date: 22nd Feb 2018 @ 1:48pm

After our filling breakfast we’ve spent the morning around the centre.  Activities have included canoeing, knights quest, archery and zip line.  Here we are ready for our afternoon. 


Wednesday at Robin Wood, by Miss Leigh

Date: 21st Feb 2018 @ 8:05pm

We have had a busy day so far.  The children are all settled in their groups and enjoyed various activities...some have asked if they can go to bed already.  

Here are just a couple of photos from the day. We will post more tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep. 

Year 6 SATs Meeting , by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 7th Feb 2018 @ 4:15pm

Jigsaw Afternoon Tea, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 28th Jan 2018 @ 11:51pm

Thank you to all who came to our Information Afternoon Tea, all about Jigsaw.

If you were unable to attend and wish to know more you can find the Powerpoint on the PSHE page of the website in the section 'Parent Information Page'.  There are also further documents under PSHE curriculum. 

Mrs Catterall

Thank you, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 22nd Dec 2017 @ 11:31am

I would just like to say thank you very much for all of the lovely Christmas cards and presents I have received. It is very kind of you all to think of me at this special time of year.

I have had an amazing first term worling in Years 6, 5 and 4. I have never worked in this capacity before and your children have made it one of the most rewarding periods in my teaching career.

At this special time of year I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wish you well for 2018.

Mrs Fletcher

STEM: the Leyland truck trail , by Miss Leigh

Date: 20th Nov 2017 @ 6:19pm

What a fantastic afternoon!!!!!! 

Lots of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths going on.  

The week, by Miss Leigh

Date: 18th Oct 2017 @ 10:45am

Our learning this week. 

Spelling: prefix un and dis

English: writing descriptions using descriptive language with colons and semi colons. 

Grammar: colons and semi colons

Maths: Roman numerals, arithmetic and long division. 

Science and PE will be th Mrs fletcher this week. 


Dance with beyond sport , by Miss Leigh

Date: 10th Oct 2017 @ 9:26am

A little bit of dancing to start our day. 

This week 9th October , by Miss Leigh

Date: 10th Oct 2017 @ 9:11am

This week we are completing some assessments.  These will take up most of our mornings. 

Afternoons we will be focusing on comprehension and spelling as well as getting ready for our assembly on Friday morning. 

We hope to see you there. 

The week ahead, by Miss Leigh

Date: 2nd Oct 2017 @ 6:59pm

We have a busy week ahead. 

Maths- formal methods for multiplication and disivion. Check you can double and half decimals, multiply and device a decimal by 10, 100 and 1000 mentally. 

English.  We continue with Swiss family Robinson.  We will be looking at language use, sentence structure and vocabulary.  Planning and writing a missing chapter. 

GPS.  Auxiliary verbs.  Remember to go over se and ce words from last week and short vowel sounds. 

French.  Greetings 

ICT/ RE.  Making a presentation to explain the about the acts of Kirat Karne, Vand Chakna and Nam Japna 

Science. The theory of evolution 

Church on Tuesday. 

PE.  beyond sport- dance

It is really important that if you've found something hard in class this week or last week that you spend 10 minutes each night having another go at it.  This will make it much easier the next time we come to use that knowledge. 



*Prank Phone Calls*, by Miss Leigh

Date: 22nd Sep 2017 @ 4:27pm

As the Bears become more independent it is highly possible they now have a phone.  They will slowly begin to immerse themselves in the world of text messages, apps and social media.  Today, there was some discussion around making prank phone calls and face timing unknown people between pupils.  We have taken this opportunity to discuss the impact of prank phone calls, both on the recipient of the phone call and on those making the calls.  We have talked about why we need to keep ourselves safe and how making prank phone calls can actually makes us more vulnerable.   

You might want to take this opportunity to check in with your child about phone, internet and personal safety.  

Beyond sport: boxing week 1 , by Miss Leigh

Date: 19th Sep 2017 @ 10:05am

Have a look at our morning!  

The week ahead, by Miss Leigh

Date: 18th Sep 2017 @ 6:54pm

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend and the Arithmetic homework wasn't too bad.  Don't worry if you struggled.  There are questions on there that we've not covered yet, but you might have had a go at them or you might want to see if you can have a go at them on next weeks homework. 

English:  We will be looking at instructions as we work though the next 4 chapters of Swiss Family Robinson. 

GPS- ible/able/ibly/ably words, rules for short vowel sounds, and there, they're and their

Maths - Rounding Millions and Decimals in context, Long division reasoning. 

PE:  Streetdance and Beyond sport 

Science: Adaption of specific types of animals

Art: Cauliflower cards

Geography: Continents, countries and cities with a focus on America 


Trip letters for Robin Wood will go out later this week (wednesday) acompanied by a parent mail. 

Meet the teacher , by Miss Leigh

Date: 12th Sep 2017 @ 3:39pm

Hello and Welcome back! 

As we start the new school year it is always best to make sure that you know what is expected of your child. Now that they are in year 6, things might have become a little scary. Hopefully, this information will set out a few of the things which may be causing anxiety and help you to navigate the year ahead.

Curriculum: The programme of study for year 6 can be found online.  See the useful links section on the class page. I have put the links on the blog for you if you’d like to look at them. We will be following these on our run up to SATS and afterwards to ensure that we are ready for High School.

Our Day: Mornings are spent learning English, Maths, GPS and Guided Reading. Mrs. Fletcher works with targeted small groups in the mornings. These groups are not fixed and will change. Afternoons are when we will look at History, Geography, ART, DT, Science, PE, RE, PHSE. Jigsaw is our fantastic new PHSE approach. Mrs Atkinson will take children out for interventions in the afternoon.

Expectations: Children are expected to challenge themselves with their learning. Lessons start promptly and teaching pace is fast. Children need to be prepared for their day with the equipment they need.

Homework: Given out on Thursday, returned by Tuesday. Late homework will be monitored as homework feeds directly into learning this year. Extra copies of homework are available in the stripy box. The quality of homework should be the same or better than their school work. Help is available on Fridays and Mondays. READING- still essential! Please try and discuss your child’s reading book with them each week. Make sure it is a challenging book.

Phones: Turned off and kept in the office during the day.

Bikes/Scooters: Can be stored in the Bike shed, children do not need to arrive earlier at school to use this facility.

Bookbags: No rucksacks please.

Residential: Robin Wood. 21-23rd February. More information to follow next week. Cost is £199 per child.

SATS: Week of 14th May in the mornings. Parents’ information session in the Spring term.

If, as we go through the year, you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office or speak to me on the playground.

Kind Regards,


Miss Leigh

Welcome back , by Miss Leigh

Date: 11th Sep 2017 @ 5:14pm

Welcome Back Bears, 

We've made an excellent start to the new school year.  The tribe is really working hard to step up to those year 6 expectations and it's been a pleasure to see the children challenging themselves. 

This week we will be learning about: 

MATHS: Long Multiplicaiton and Long Division

ENGLISH: Class novel is Swiss Family Robinson.  We will be learning about the setting, characters and using correctly punctuated dialogue for some extended writing at the end of the week.  

Science:  Exploring Adaptation of birds

Art: Texture

Jigsaw (PHSE):  What is the difference between what we want and what we need? 

RE:  How is life like a journey? 

PE:  Beyond sport will be in on Tuesday morning.  

Looks like we are going to have a great week.  I hope to see as many parents as possible on Tuesday after school for our meet the teacher event.  

See you there!!

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