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Fantastic range of Summer learning ideas and tasks, by Mr Pearson

Date: 14th Jul 2020 @ 10:03am

Please find a range of fun summer learning tasks to keep you going through the summer holidays. 

You will find a range of ideas produced by the brilliant teachers of Longton. In addition, there are a range of ideas from the Lancashire Learning Consultants. 

Click here to see them all.

Mathletics, by Mr Pearson

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 10:22am

Mathletics is an excellent resource that school has purchased to aid learning in maths.


The school office will have sent you an email with your password on in April.

If you can't find the email please email Mr Pearson at the following and I will email it to you.

I have included a guide to help you familiarise yourself with how to us it.

Take care 

Cyber Bullying, by Mr Pearson

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 3:30pm

An informative read to share with your your children about Cyber Bullying.


Relax Kids resources, by Mr Pearson

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 9:12am

A  selection of Relax Kids resources.

It is full of exercises, cards and affirmations to help you manage your anxious thoughts and feelings in these uncertain times.
Take a card in the morning, before bed or when you need a moment to pause and feel calm and relaxed again

Click here 



Coronavirus book for children, by Mr Pearson

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 6:02pm

Please share with your child the following book that explains all about Coronavirus in a child friendly manner. 

Internet safety, by Mr Pearson

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 4:27pm

Internet safety during lockdown is extremely important. 

Here are a couple of things to do and watch to remind ourselves what is safe and right to do online.


A fun game from the National Crime Agency.

Click here to play


A short film on YouTube to remind the children what to do if they come across something they are not sure about while online. 

Click here to watch 




Home Learning Update, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 1st May 2020 @ 1:27pm

Last week Home Learning plans were uploaded onto each class page under the heading Blog Items.

From Monday 4th May they will be upladed undere the heading New Items. This can be found directly above the blog section on each class page . 

Image preview

Week of Planning, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 30th Apr 2020 @ 12:59pm

Hello lovely Bongos!

A parent has just brought to my attention that the work for this week never uploaded onto Seesaw, so I've uploaded all the files you need here in a dropbox file instead because it's too big to upload directly to the blog. You can upload work that you'd like me to see to Seesaw, but you by no means have to put it all on there. I will give as much feedback as I can, so if you send clear pictures or videos, I will try to get back to you ASAP. If you have any issues at all, don't forget you can always contact me on the bongos email address on weekdays between 9-12.

Hope you're all keeping safe and happy!

Miss R x

Glossary for spelling , punctuation and grammar, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 30th Apr 2020 @ 12:36pm

You may find this glossary for spelling , punctuation and grammar useful during home learning.

How Preston fought back previous epidemics, by Mr Pearson

Date: 29th Apr 2020 @ 5:14pm

An interesting article in the LEP that Neil Scalan our Chair of Governors has passed across about how Preston has fought back against previous epidemics

Click here to read LEP


Mathletics back working again, by Mr Pearson

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 11:11am


Mathletics is back up and working. 

Thanks Team at Longton

Home learning, by Miss Leigh

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 10:16am

Hi Brilliant Bongos

You will need to log onto or download the SeeSaw app to view this weeks learning timetable.  Use the QR.  On there are all the links, websites and clips you will need. 

Thanks Miss Leigh 

Seesaw Link, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 10:17am

Morning everyone!

Here is the QR Code for you to get onto seesaw, or you can use the word code, but that will only work for an hour or so.

Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to! 

Miss R

Reading Eggspress, by Mr Pearson

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 11:52am

You will have received your Reading Eggspress password.

You need to login into Reading Eggspress not Reading eggs.

Reading Eggs is for Reception and KS1 

Virtual Links, by Mr Pearson

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 11:22am

The virtual lessons link can be found here 

Home Learning updates, by Mr Pearson

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 11:46am

Lots of updated ideas and websites to aid home learning.

Now in a tiered sections 

1.       Seriously recommend

2.       Good idea to use

3.       Worth trying but not essential

4.       For your information - You might be interested.

Check them all at Home Learning 

Daily maths lessons , by Mr Pearson

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:12am

Fantastic daily maths lesson including video, activity sheet and answers. Closely linked to what your child would have been learning in school.

We as a school use White Rose maths as a scheme of learning in aiding our planning and supporting our teaching of maths.

Twinkl free password, by Mrs Brown

Date: 21st Mar 2020 @ 11:15am


As the Coronavirus spreads, we’re aware that more schools are closing and pupils’ learning is being disrupted. Parents, carers and teachers are looking for ways to ensure the continuity of education during school closures so that no children miss out on valuable learning time.

To support you during this period, Twinkl is offering every teacher in England access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. We’re also extending this to every parent and carer in your school so your pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

We’d like your support to get this message out. Please let your wider school and leadership team know about this opportunity so that you can all share it with your school community.

Please also share this code with parents and share the link above on your website so parents know where to activate their code.

We’ve also put together some helpful guidance to outline a few ideas for how you can support parents and carers during school closures, ensure high quality learning continues and support teachers, parents and carers to make the most from this offer of help.

If you are an existing Twinkl subscriber on Core or Extra you will be able to use this code to upgrade your current membership using the same link as above.

It’s easy to arrange access yourself through our website. If you do have any questions please get in touch with our TwinklCares team. As we are supporting people globally please bear in mind that we are receiving a large number of enquiries so please only get in touch if your enquiry is of an urgent nature at

You can also visit our website -

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and we hope that this will go some way towards helping.

Home Learning whilst closed, by Mrs Brown

Date: 18th Mar 2020 @ 10:50pm

Following the Government’s announcement, we are currently closed. Please engage with the home learning which has been set up for your child.  You can obviously be creative and add to these.  We would love to see what you get up to. If you email the odd photo of what you are up to we will try our best to add to the website - 

For home learning go to the curriculum tab on our website, go to the bottom and you will find the home learning link.  Depending on how long we are closed will depend on how much will be added. We hope you all stay happy and healthy and enjoy time with your families and loved ones. 

Happy days at Hothersall Lodge, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 16th Mar 2020 @ 1:40pm

We all had an amazing time at Hothersall, lots of different challenges from putting duvets on to survival skills. The Bongos were all  fantastic and embraced it all👍🙂😁😆

World Book Day 2020 science and space, by Mrs Masterson

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 11:21am

This world book day most people came in and science or space themed outfits to fit with our whole school year theme of moon landings.   We loved the fact that most people went with the principle of it is the thought that counts not the cost of the outfits - very eco!   Luckily, our school is very creative and we have seen some amazing ideas for the theme. Today we have also included another whole school write,starting in year six all the way to reception and seeing what wonderful story writing can be comprehended into it! At the end of the day we will have a big assembly and read through the excellent work we have created.

by Eddie and Emily J 

5 of march , by Miss Reynolds

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 3:09pm

on monday

we had tennis with are coach and after that we started to do a murder mystery where we had a booklet with lots of clues, everyone had questions related to the clues.

on wednesday

our class watched a video, we had to draw a character and describe are characters .


everybody played battleships in maths because its related to co-ordinates and in we played basketball.

by Layla and Grace 

Meeting famous author Liz Kessler, by Mr Pearson

Date: 3rd Mar 2020 @ 7:46pm

Today we had the priviliage of million copy author Liz Kessler come to school to speak to us about how she plans and writes her books. We were all given inspiration for our own writing and learnt how Liz gets her ideas for her stories, although going to Bermuda to research a book like she did, might be costly!!

She then answered a range of interesting questions from the children and went on to personally sign copies of her Emily Windsnap series of books.

Another fantastic opportunity for our fabulous children at Longton Primary.

first week back, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 27th Feb 2020 @ 2:47pm

This week we were so exited to be back up and running doing our lessons

On Monday we had a morning of wordkiller tactics (Miss Reynolds favourite game )

On Wednesday we did a fun activity on manmade and natural occuring materials .

Today we went in pairs an had to record an argument about a topic of our choice and uploaded it onto seesaw 

In the afternoon we got put in groups (again) and we had to make a safe method of transport for the eggs.

by Grace , Daisy and lois

Hothersall Lodge, by Mrs Masterson

Date: 27th Feb 2020 @ 9:41am

Please follow the link below for more information on the upcoming residential trip to Hothersall Lodge.


Contact the School

Longton Primary School

School Ln

Main Contact: Linda Masterson

Tel: 01772 612 495

SEN Contact: Sue Hothersall

SEN Email: