Reception - Lions: Blog items

Determination and Resilience!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 12th May 2022 @ 3:01pm

The Lions have had another busy week which has been a little different from our usual routine. However the lions fully embraced the changes and challenges showing their determination and resilience. Super lions!!

We are still working on our transport topic but have strayed a little bit when the children showed interest in seeds, planting, wanting to build with clay after reading Mr. Grumpys outing and wanting to have an outdoor exercise area! 

We are working hard with our numbers to 20 and have enjoyed bingo as well as sorting our numbers in order on one of our washing lines. We are hoping to start snakes and ladders soon which will challenge the children to count on each time they throw the dice.

A huge thank you for the amazing homework pictures and the wonderful reading you are doing at home.

Mrs. Thomson


Busy Lions!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 8th May 2022 @ 8:25pm

Although these last few weeks have been a little shorter the Lions have been very busy having fun and learning in the classroom and also in the outdoors.

Last week we had a great catch up with our buddies in year five. They joined in with our key worker special time and we also got to read to them. They were amazed with our reading skills! 

We have some Lions who are very keen to be the teacher and the assistant teachers in class. Therefore we swapped roles for a couple of minutes. They were amazing! There are a couple of pictures below.

A few more items for you to save for us please! We would like to add some baskets to our home corner containing hats, bags and socks.

Any old hats - wedding hats, caps, winter hats - any hats at all! 

Bags - any size, colour or shape!

Socks - for our washing machine! (adults or childrens - for us to put into pairs)

Finally any small boxes. The children have asked for these for their art and craft area. Please turn the box inside out and stick it back together if possible. (Paint and glitter stick better to the wrong side of the box!)

Thank you

Mrs. Thomson

Lions, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 2nd May 2022 @ 1:03pm

Hello I hope you are having a lovely long weekend. Thank you for the homework photos that have been sent in, it is lovely to see the children enjoying their challenges. I will ensure they are shared with the class.

Well done to our star readers for last week!

A great big thank you to our wonderful super secret reader. The lions thoroughly enjoyed their story.

Please continue to send in egg boxes (half dozen boxes) the lions are enjoying creating their double decker buses.

I have included a picture of our story words from last week. Can you guess which story they were from? I wonder if the lions can remember what the words mean as well as the action we used for each one.

As well as our topic we are also learning about sunflowers. The children may come home with facts to share with you. Please share with us any facts that you know so we can add them to our learning wall. Our aim is to become sunflower experts! Any pictures would also be very welcome.

Thank you

Mrs. Thomson




Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum - more pictures., by Mrs Thomson

Date: 27th Apr 2022 @ 11:09pm

More pictures to see!

Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 26th Apr 2022 @ 11:21pm

We all had a lovely day at the museum today. The children were very excited on the coach going to the museum but by the end of the day they had also sat in vehicles powered by horse, steam, diesel, petrol and electricity. They became fire fighters, engineers, drivers, passengers and even ice cream sellers. We climbed on board the pope mobile and even saw a car which belonged to the Queens grandfather.

We had lots of finding to do and then joined in with an interactive story about Tiggi the tiger. We have lots more pictures to follow tomorrow from the other school iPads.

Lion Adventures., by Mrs Thomson

Date: 22nd Apr 2022 @ 12:57pm

The lions have had a busy week and I must say that it is lovely to be back! We have had lots and lots to catch up on!

Our topic for this half term is called Ticket to Ride. We are looking at transport and vehicles, past and present. We will complete a DT project, be historians, work as scientists and explore and be curious on our class trip next week. (I had a fantastic time last week when I visited the transport museum and I think the lions will love it also).

We are working very hard in class. We are working on our phonics everyday and then using what we have learnt in our writing and reading. Please do try to hear your child read every day and also go through their word and sound cards as often as possible. It is really important that you sign the reading record book and add a comment each time your child reads.

I have attached a list of words from one of the stories we have read this week. Please ask your child if they can remember the actions. We then tried to say the word, do the action,  clap and stamp our feet in between each word. Have a go!

You could also ask what mischief the naughty bus got up to in class today!

A new homework pick and mix document is now on the google classroom. I hope you enjoy the activities, they are all linked to our learning this half term.

Over the weekend please save and send into school any half dozen egg boxes and also any small shoe boxes.

Thank you

Mrs. Thomson

World Book Day 2022, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 4:27pm

What a wonderful day we have had celebrating world book day !

The day started with a whole school assembly to introduce the teme and to share a story we wrote as a school in 2020. It was also when the stimulus for this year's whole school write was revealed. Our youngest children, the Lions  started the story and it was then emailed from class to class to be developed. It finally reached year 6 this afternoon and they proofread the story and then added to it. At 2.45 we met back in the hall for the world premiere reading of The Magic Potion. Wow !!!! What a story! Well done, again Longton. Please take some time to share the story as a a family and to ask your child which part their class wrote.

Every class has met up via an online meeting with classes at Barden Primary School in Burnley and Reception and Key Stage 1 have had a visit from Librarian Tom.

At Longton, as well as the World Book Day voucher we like to give the children a book as a gift. Your child will have a lovely book in their book bags this evening. Please enjoy reading them. 

Class Compliment Afternoon, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 14th Feb 2022 @ 3:08pm

The Lions had a lovely afternoon on Thursday celebrating their achievement of completing their class compliment stars.

They sang and danced, had hot chocolate in their pyjamas, ate cupcakes and crisps and then danced some more. After a class vote they watched a Disney film for the last twenty minutes of the day after a quick energy burst in the ball cage.

Good luck Lions achieving even more class compliments! 

Great Learning!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 9th Feb 2022 @ 10:05pm

Our week is not yet over but I thought you would like to see what the lions have been busy learning. We have made fossils and learnt how palaeontologists could tell what dinosaurs looked like, ate and what they predicted their world looked like because of the fossils they found.

We have been learning a poem about our class pet, Tim the Triceratops and we enjoying putting actions to it.

Today we had a visit from a Police dog handler. They met Maverick and Goose. The children listened and also asked great questions showing their curiosity -

Do you bath the dogs?

Why do they not share a crate in your car?

How fast do they run?

We did PE this morning with lots of climbing, balancing, slithering, jumping and crawling.

Class Compliment Treat, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 8th Feb 2022 @ 10:16pm

The Lions have completed their first class compliment challenge sheet. Their class efforts, team work and behaviour have been noticed around school and visitors and school staff from other classes have awarded compliments.

After some wonderful conversations and truly amazing ideas from the children we have decided that we will have a treat afternoon on Thursday. Please send pyjamas or a onesie into school on Thursday in a named carrier bag. After lunch the children can get changed, have treats, do some party dancing and watch a short film.

This week the children have made fossils, learnt a tongue twister about Mary Anning, made carnivore and herbivore teeth and have been pactising their numbers in shaving foam! We have been getting a little messy recently!

The children are shining with their reading and phonics! 

Thank you

Mrs. Thomson


Assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 6th Feb 2022 @ 3:07pm

Today in assembly on Tuesday we talked about, animals and how they are the same and if they work well together. The animals we saw were penguins, dolphins and whales, zebras and ostriches and a crocodile and a bird. We also talked about when it’s important to work together.


Our Thursday picture news assembly asked the question ‘What type of events do you think deserve a celebration?’ This question came about as the Queen announced a special competition ahead of her Platinum Jubilee later this year.  On the 6th February Queen Elizabeth will have reigned for 70 years!

The competition is to design a pudding.  There will also be a 4 day bank holiday in June and other events too.  We all like celebrating birthdays and weddings and fireworks.

A new class member!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 4th Feb 2022 @ 7:00am

Yesterday the children were amazed to find a new class member waiting for them in the outside shed. (Please ask the children who Tim is and how they found him with Miss. Lynch!)

We had a great day which started with dance, some amazing phonics work, a wonderful super secret reader, an outdoor science experiment and then finding Tim! The children were wonderful explorers and scientists!

I do apologise but I have not written down our super secret reader for next week - please could you pop in or phone Linda just to remind me what time you are able to come along next week. Also we have no readers on our list for after half term. You would be most welcome into school for your first or second visit so please let any one of us know in the classroom or contact me through google classroom to book a specific date which works for you. I would love to keep this amazing experience going all year!


Thank you

Mrs. Thomson

Terrific Tuesday!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 1st Feb 2022 @ 10:20pm

Lots of adventures for the lions today. A morning of dance with our visitor from The Blue Moose Dance Company. The children created dragon and lion dances.

Super learning in our phonics and maths lessons in class! Lots of team points were given out to our super stars.

This afternoon we had a visit from the fire fighters at Penwortham. We learnt a lot, listened and also asked lots of questions. After looking at the fire engine we have a lot to add to our project class engine!

The children enjoyed trying out the water hose and we all got a little wet! Especially when one of our very own lions got a little mischievous with the help of the fire fighter!

Outdoor Fun!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 31st Jan 2022 @ 9:39pm

Today we had a busy afternoon. We started to make our own fire engine, we had fun using the hosepipe, buckets and squirty bottles and also created some smaller engines with our friends. Penwortham fire station are hoping to visit us tomorrow afternoon and they are very keen to see our work, talk about how they help people and show us the fire engine. 

In the morning we have a very special team of dancers coming to show us dances for Chinese New Year. We are all very excited.

Assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 30th Jan 2022 @ 10:48pm

In our assembly on Tuesday, we talked about a picture and how old it was and how we knew it was old then Mrs Catterall told us a story about the boy in the old picture. Next, we saw a picture of a light  bulb, then an old film projector, after we saw a picture of a phonograph and a gramophone. We then discovered that the boy in the first picture was Thomas Edison and he invented all of the other items in the pictures. We discussed how he would have needed to work hard, that there would have been failures along the way but he kept going. We reflected on when we have had to be like Thomas Edison today and how if we come across something which is tricky or hard work we shouldn’t give up. 

In our assembly on Thursday we talked about Rose off strictly come dancing and how well she did because she is part deaf. We also talked how many people want to learn sign language. This is in the news because people were voting for it to be recognised as an official language in law. We also asked if anyone knew any parts of sign language, year 3 and year 4 performed the rainbow song to the school, they have been learning it during their LPS+ lessons. We also talked about which is more important touch, sound, smell, taste, hear or sight.

Lucie and Evie

Wonderful Wednesday!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 26th Jan 2022 @ 8:41pm

The lions have been working very hard on their ‘Amazing Animals’ topic. Over the last few days they have made up a poem and today we have put actions to it. We are hoping to perform this in assembly on Monday - we love an adventure and a challenge!

We have been looking at time, daytime and night time. We have been sequencing our day and today everyone had a clock. We worked very hard at showing o clock. I am sure the children will be happy to talk about this and even show you on a clock at home.

Assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 23rd Jan 2022 @ 1:48pm

In our assembly on Tuesday we focused on dreams and goals. We are learning to face the big fears of our mountains / challenges. We read a story about a rescue dog that helps in the cold misty mountains and a little boys life, that story taught us not to give up.


On Thursday we had our picture news assembly with the question - is it ever fair to treat others differently because of their looks? We discussed that a Chinese footballer had to cover up his tattoo and he had no choice. We also thought about other jobs like nurses, soldiers and chefs etc. We talked about how it’s not right to judge people by their looks or their culture.

Lucy year 6

Amazing Animals!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 19th Jan 2022 @ 11:29pm

The Lions are really enjoying their new topic for this half term - Amazing Animals. We are now looking at owls, bats and other nocturnal animals. We have a vetinary surgery in class and we have been creating art with papier-mâché, charcoal and now pom pom pegs. 

We had a special talk today from the dental hygienist and we looked at healthy and unhealthy snacks. In the coming weeks we are having a visit from Penwortham fire station and we are also going shopping to Booths to look at healthy foods where we will take a shopping list to buy and try some fruit and vegetables back in school. We also have a special dance team coming to work with us for Chinese New Year. Busy! Busy! Lots of adventures and new challenges!

A huge thank you for our super special readers! Please let us know if you would be interested in coming to read a story. We really appreciate your help and support.

A big thank you to Mrs. Musgrove who got us a very special and inspiring message from Captain Polar Preet. We have been talking about adventures, challenges and the South Pole so this was wonderful to share in class. The photographs we viewed online were amazing.

Almost finished! Thank you for the wonderful projects we have received (the children will share these in class and they will be displayed in school) and also a big thank you for the reading you are doing at home. The children are doing very well and they are very proud. 

Please look on Google Classrooms for a new spring homework pick and mix.

Reminder - books that were borrowed from Longton Library now need to be returned please.

Thank you,

Mrs. Thomson 

Assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 16th Jan 2022 @ 3:09pm

On Tuesday in assembly, we were taking about what our Jigsaw lessons are all about - Friendships, how to be respectful, ways to keep safe,  working together as a team, how our bodies change as we get older. This half term our topic is all about dreams and goals. We also mentioned what we might want to do in the future for a job. We thought about how the journey to this might be a bit of a roller coaster, there can be ups and downs and sometimes people change direction to end up doing a different job than the one they first wanted.  But all the way we have to remember our learning powers to work hard and self improve, to show commitment, resilience and perseverance.


On Thursday our picture news assembly was all about the James Webb Telescope.  This is in the news this week because NASA have sent it up into space to find out what our Universe looks like.


I wonder if when we grow up we might get to go into space ourselves. Does anyone want to be an astronaut? Scientists, engineers, designers will all work together to design the space telescope, it takes a long time to create and test. These people both boys and girls will have had to use their learning powers like we talked about in assembly on Tuesday.

Longton Guide to Reading, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 12th Jan 2022 @ 8:47pm

This video shows you how we teach reading in the Lions and then how you can share a book for pleasure with your child. 

A wonderful star to 2022!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 6th Jan 2022 @ 9:44pm

We are very proud of the Lions. They have settled well, worked hard and enjoyed being busy in their tribe this week.

I have attached pictures from our second PE lesson and also pictures of some of the challenges set in the classroom this week. We have also started learning about penguins as part of our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic. We are learning some new poems which I will post next week. 

We were all very excited at the snow coming today and we managed to get out before it stopped. We are secretly hoping we get more! Please remember to send hats and gloves in each day.

On Thursday 20th January we would like the children to bring in their second project. This could be based on a hobby or interest or on our topic from last half term. Our topic was traditional tales which included The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gruffalos Child. If you have any questions please catch one of us and we will happily help.

Our super secret readers have started again and we had a lovely story by Mrs.Hunter today called ‘Tidy’. If you are able to help and would like to book a date with us please let us know. We do appreciate and thoroughly enjoy this special story time.

Thank you.



Happy New Year, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 4th Jan 2022 @ 9:45pm

Welcome back Lions! The lions have had lots of talk time today and Mrs.Regan and I have enjoyed listening to everyone. 

We started the day with PE and also did some work on our new RE topic, Sikhism. After lunch we had a very special visitor from a guide dog called Nutmeg. I am sure the children will enjoy talking about Nutmeg and all the very special jobs he has. 

A new pick and mix homework will be posted for this term. I will make sure it is on google classrooms for Thursday (this week) . Please complete one task each week and submit a comment or photograph on the following Tuesday.

Please can you send in any wrapping paper cardboard rolls or empty kitchen rolls for an activity we will be doing soon. Please do not send any empty toilet rolls.


Thank you


Wednesday - Breakfast with Santa!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 6:08am

A perfect way to start the day! Santa spotting with Mrs. Brown, having a big sing along and then a visit from Santa whilst having your breakfast!


A little Christmas Sparkle!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 6:00am

The lions have been adventurous, brave, confident and amazing!  They really are an amazing tribe! They love new challenges and embrace all adventures with big smiles!

Sleepy Santa!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 5:51am

Thursday started with breakfast with Santa. Mrs. Brown led us outside to Santa spot! We found him!

We then had a live link to the North Pole but Father Christmas was fast asleep. He read us a lovely story, got us up dancing and told us lots of secret information about his reindeer.

The lions finished their shadow puppets - we have sent them home so you can try them at home. Please ask the children how shadows are made.

Please remember to take your ‘Longton library’ books back to the village library when you have finished with them. We will be arranging another visit but we will not get your books back in time.

We have done lots of check ups with our phonics and we are very happy. The children are really working hard and using their robot arms. Please keep working on phonics at home as we do not want to move on until all the children are confident with the sounds we have learnt. I will add some ideas later today.

Thank you.


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