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Wonder, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 21st Sep 2018 @ 10:46am

It has been a week where wonder has been all around us.

On Wednesday we were privileged to welcome the Osigili Masai warriors. Their show was an awe and wonder moment. We all learnt so much about the life and coulture of the Maasai people. The rest of the day was spent furthering our knowledge and feeding our wonder.Thursday began with a wonder assembly. Having watched the story of how the elephant got its trunk the whole school were posed with the question of how did this elephant get its colours? They were shown a picture of a colourful elephant and then the beautifully carved elephant itself. The buzz and enthusiasm for writing was amazing as the classes went off to write.

The Bongos came up with spectacular ideas.

They were then given a data investigation to do ordering elephants, followed by learning to read, write and say numbers to 10 in Swahili. The day ended having fun learning a Swahili song called Jambo Branagh - recommend by Mr Kennedy.

Homework was sent home yesterday with a note on it about ideas for projects.

Have a happy weekend. 

Typing club, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 17th Sep 2018 @ 3:50pm

Hello! Everyone in Y5 has been setup with a typing club account just go to then login using your first name and the first initial of your surname e.g. maisieb - no password needed just login and have a go! I can see your progress and how you're getting on. Remember, don't look at the keyboard!

Intro to Year 5 - Meet the Teacher, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 13th Sep 2018 @ 8:42am

Please find attached the powerpoint from Meet the Teacher Evening.

What we're learning about in year 5 , by Miss Reynolds

Date: 10th Sep 2018 @ 3:11pm

Our first week in year 5 was mind-blowing! We learnt about place value by getting used to the ones, tens,hundreds,thousands,ten thousands, hundred thousands and more.A special man came in to do some VR with us about WW1 and most people absouletly loved it. This week we are learning about history time lines and what order they went in.Also when they started and when they they ended. We are reading the Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo.

Picture News - British Values - w/c 16th July, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 13th Jul 2018 @ 7:00am

Here is this week Picture News at home.  

Ancient Time Pieces, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 10th Jul 2018 @ 8:27am


This week we are going to be looking at ancient civilizations and exploring them through their time pieces. The children will be researching different means of keeping track of time and will be trying to create their own versions using the basic scientific principles behind the device.

However, the children are creating their own investigations. They are to create the best conditions for their time piece and it should be able to keep an minute, 10 minutes, half an hour or an hour. They will be creating a fair test to ensure that their time piece is roughly accurate within 10% margins of error. The children are creating these time pieces almost entirely independently and will be sourcing the materials themselves - this is where we may need your help!

If we have stuff in school, it is not a problem, but I envisage some children may want other resources. I will be telling them that they are only to use stuff lying around the house, maybe using bottles from recycling, or bits of cardboard... please don't feel compelled to go out and buy a whole variety of resources!
Just thought I would give you a heads up if they come home scavenging the bins for boxes or tins!  

Miss R

Thursday assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 8th Jul 2018 @ 9:26am

In today's assembly we were talking about what people have in common. There were three people. We thought reasons of why they are in common: they were old, they were famous and are all humans. They were all 70 and that is how long the NHS has been open. The NHS has helped all of us in the past, but unfortunately not everyone uses it right. People can have a small problem (a problem that could be solved by a doctor) and go to the A and E department; this makes the NHS hospital waits very long and makes people angry. We are all very lucky that we have the NHS in this country. We watched a very old video - 70 years old- which informed us about the opening of the national health service. It was very interesting. We decided that it was very important to say thank you to the hard-workers of the NHS, they save lives and make us well. They look after and help us. We should appreciate the amazing work they do!


Gracie and Abigail  


NSPCC Thank you Assembly , by Mrs Catterall

Date: 4th Jul 2018 @ 3:11pm

This morning Jo from the NSPCC came to school to thank us  for all our fundraising efforts. 

I am pleased to tell you that almost  50% of the children returned their forms with class 2 and class 6 being the biggest returners.  Well done Penguins and Bears.

I am very proud to let you know that Longton Primary School have raised an amazing


A massive thankyou to you all, Jo was quite overwhelmed.  The money raised means that we have funded the ability for 260 phone calls to be taken by Childline.  That means we have helped support more children than we have in our school.  THANKYOU. 

Dont worry if you still have your forms and money at home, bring it in and we will send it off to the NSPCC at the end of the school year.

Thank you again,

Mrs Catterall, Sara and Gracie.


Mondays assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 3rd Jul 2018 @ 11:01pm

Today's assembly was about who chooses what we eat! Many of us said that it is usually our parents and maybe us. In the news this week they were talking about: increasing healthy eating; banning adverts that advertise foods that aren't good for us and not allowing children under 1618 to buy energy drinks. We then had a vote if we think they should do this or if we think they shouldn't do this. We had four pupils from different classes saying their opinion on why they should do this, they all said that it is unhealthy to be able to buy energy drinks and buy takeaways not knowing how many calories we are intaking. We then heard the opposition. We had lots of different reasons like: it is unfair to children because they aren't allowed what adults do, a lot of people would lose their jobs as big companies/restaurants that sell those type of things might not do as well because not as many people would buy and someone thought that it was our choice and we should choose what we want to buy.  We all decided that if we have the choice to do something it should always be the most sensible one.


Gracie and Abigail

Robinhood countdown and next week, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 29th Jun 2018 @ 4:27pm

Hello Tigers!

It's been quite a week! We've had some fun at cricket, found out who your teacher is for next year (Miss Leigh - You're so lucky!) and we've been making props, designing costumes and learning lines for our play. We're on the countdown now until we unveil it! We have a dress rehearsal in front on the whole school on Tuesday, so can I please ask people that don't already have their costumes at school to please remember to bring them in on MONDAY for a full run through (that includes the people that are bringing in items for other people, e.g. scouts uniforms, old clothes for villagers etc). 

This week you have Maths homework and it is an angles review - please do as much as you can, so I can see if we have to go over angles again before the end of term. If you can only manage A and find them hard, please don't stress! We can go over them next week :) 

Just a couple of reminders:

  • Heads team application letters must be in by Monday - include why you would be an ideal candidate and any skills you think would be helpful for the job
  • I've not given English homework again, instead it is to LEARN LINES!! You have to know the when you say your lines and the lyrics to songs 
  • Bikeability letters back ASAP please 
  • If you still haven't handed in your NSPCC money, or have found someone that would liek to donate, please could you bring it in on Monday

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss R

NSPCC Sponsor money, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 26th Jun 2018 @ 6:11pm

Please can all NSPCC sponsor forms and money be returned tomorrow. 

Thankyou for your support

Sara and Gracie

Monday Assembly Blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 25th Jun 2018 @ 8:34pm

In today's assembly we talked about what we like doing in our spare time. We had lots of different ideas going to the cinema, football and playing on the trampoline with siblings. We looked at a question, which was: Are computer games damaging our health? We were then discussing about a boy who couldn't go to school for over a year because he just wanted to play video games. After that we looked at lots of opinions ( none of them were wrong, we all have lots of different opinions ) some were FOR video/computer games and some were AGAINST them. We then listened to a story about a girl who loved video games and she got a special parcel in the post. When putting them on she realised that people were losing their minds for video games. She became sad when she noticed how much time she had lost with her friends. We were then talking about things that people did and if it was healthy or not. We decided that 2/3 activities were healthy.


Gracie and Abigail

Picture News - British Values - w/c 25th June, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 24th Jun 2018 @ 6:33pm

Please find attached the Picture News resource we will be exploring in assembly this week. 

Rachel and William, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 19th Jun 2018 @ 3:14pm

Over the week we have been learning about Arachne who is a Greek god. its about a girl who can weave and a god challanged her to a weaving contest . The girl won so god got angry and she turned the girl into a spider. laugh

Picture News - British Values - w/c 18th June, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 18th Jun 2018 @ 6:36am

Please find attached the Picture News at home resource.

This lets you know what we will be looking at in our British Values assembly this week. 


Thursday Assembly Blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 8:11am

Today in assembly we talked about how we have three words that are important every year: CARE, GROW and SHINE! We talked how this term we are going to shine.We were then talking about a celebration which people will be celebrating this on Friday or Saturday. This celebration is held by Muslims. We talked about how Muslims fast, they fast because it is to teach them to focus on god and be generous, once fasting ends they have the celebration called Eid al-fitr.The celebration goes on for one,two or maybe even three days. How they celebrate is a bit like Christmas, they send Eid al-fitr cards out and dress formally, they also have big feasts and they wish each other a happy celebration!


We were also reminded about some special events that are coming up! If you want to be in the talent show you need to fill in the form, which is at the bottom of a parent mail that has been sent out, by tomorrow, you will need to print off the form and give it in. We are also have a own clothes day tomorrow, to be able to wear your own clothes you need to bring in some chocolates or a bottle of wine or a yummy beverage.


by Gracie and Abigail

Walking Bus, brake charity awareness, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 13th Jun 2018 @ 1:45pm

Thank you very much to all the children and parents/grandparents who joined us on our walking bus this morning, it was lovely to see you all there.  We certainly made a long bus this morning. 

It was a lovely start to the day, the opportunity to chat with a friend, enjoy the lovely weather as well as a bit of exercise.  Remember we walk every day from booths, leaving at 8:30.

Here are a few photos.

Fathers day, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 12th Jun 2018 @ 9:41pm

Production Time!, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 24th May 2018 @ 3:18pm

As I'm sure many of you already have found out, our class production this year is Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies. Everyone has had their parts now and we've started having a little read through of the script, so we have some ideas what our characters are like. Our production isn't until early July, but I thought it would be best if we got a headstart on learning our lines and sourcing bits for costumes while we've got this nice long break. Everyone has got a full script because it was much easier than copying individual lines  and lyrics as this is quite a large play, so people have lines here there and everywhere (I didn't want to kill Mrs Woolley with photocopying!)

I thought it would be helpful to put the songs up here, that way people can get a wiggle on with learning them (and possibly thinking up a few dance move suggestions if you're feeling up to it!) One of the songs I have shortened because it seemed to go on forever, but if you check your script you'll see where it is. :) 

I hope you all have a lovely half term and I look forward to working on the production with you all after the holidays.

Miss R.

our fun space week, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 15th May 2018 @ 3:12pm

This week, we have been working on a space doccumentary in groups. We have had lots of fun finding out interesting facts and using the ipads to help us research. We are hoping to send them to NASA and they will be sent on the space launch to mars next year.

Also, we have been learning how to present data in maths by going to other classes and recording personal appearances, using data.

This week, we also have been learning about friendship and we made friend trafic lights about how to sort a bad situation out. Then we had to act out an arguement and what we would have to do to sort it out.

Sophia Hale and Violet Nichollsenlightenedlaugh


Earthlings, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 6:24pm

Earthlings! Today we applied for jobs in the morning and had to use our skills collaboratively to create a display fact file about Planet Earth. We had creators making a (fairly) accurate Earth globe, who worked closely with the Geographers to ensure accuracy and to come up with facts for over 100 countries around the globe. We had artists and researchers working closely to sketch 3D foods from around the world, which were paired with facts and food air miles. We’ve had a great day! 

Miss R

Assembly blog, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 7:32am

Friendship was the theme in today's assembly. When we walked into the hall there was a question, that question was what does being a good friend mean to you ? We  had a challenge where we had to finish a sentence with a different thing about our friends. One of the sentence starters was my friend is different to me because... we came up with because we are all unique! We then had some time to think about the qualities of our best friend. Good friends listen, so we looked at, the rules of listening. The rules of listening are: be still, look at the speaker, nod and look interested and ask questions that relate on what the speaker is saying. We were talking about how a good friend says nice things to us and how it makes us feel happy. We said that you can give your friends a positive stroke. We don't physically stroke them, but we give them a compliment or say well done. This makes the person you said it to feel happy, just like when you stroke a cat, it feels good and makes them happy and purr.


by Gracie and Abigail

Picture News - British Values - w/c 23rd April, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 7:27am

Sorry for the dealy, I didnt make it go live!

If you have Gracie and Abigail's Assembly Blog from Monday you will have discovered our topic for discussion this week was Loneliness.


COLE&LUKE, by Miss Reynolds

Date: 25th Apr 2018 @ 2:51pm



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