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A busy week, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 10th Sep 2021 @ 1:38pm

The Pandas have had a very busy week. They are all trying really hard with their learning. We have now made a start in all of our curriculum areas so the children have had a taste of what Year 2 learning is going to be like.

As a class we are focussing on developing our listening skills, listening to adults and to each other.

We have had our first KS1 assembly in the hall which was lovely as it has been  a long time since we have been able to do that.

Toast and milk lists are now up and running. For those children not having toast please can we remind you that he children only need 1 healthy snack with them ofr morning playtime. Fruit is provided in the afternoon.

Today the class have met their new teachers for French, Music and sport and enjoyed computing with Coding Becky. Art with a specialist teacher will begin next Friday.

Than you to the parents who joined me on Wednesday fior meet the teacher. A copy of the leter and what we talked through is now on the class website page.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Woolley 

Welcome Back, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 5th Sep 2021 @ 12:16pm

The Pandas have made a super start to Year 2. They have settled in well and are working hard.

We will be sending new Google Classroom passwords home with the children on Monday. You will need them to join the Meet The Teacher meeting on Wednesday afternoon and to access homework.

PE will start on Tuesday as=nd reading books will be changed on Wednesdays.


A lovely last day!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 20th Jul 2021 @ 5:03pm

We had a great last day.Fun with the parachute,saying goodbye to Y6 and time with friends.A last picnic in the shade and last picture of the Year1  Pandas.

Thank you Pandas for being a f a n t a s t  i c tribe, parents for being amazing in what has been a tough year.A big thank you for our lovely gifts as always much appreciated but not expected.

Have a lovely, lovely and break and see you all in September,keep safe ❤️🌟😎

Party time!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th Jul 2021 @ 3:33pm

We had a great day today celebrating in style. Thank you to Lily who made a funny game for us to play and to Austin’s mummy for the tricky hoop game!! We also had a lovely time at the summer fair, thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday sometime before 10.30!!! Let’s hope we’re all smiling.Come on England!!

Freedom!!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 8th Jul 2021 @ 3:28pm

Lovely to be back and see everybody in person. They have all been superstars and had a great time this afternoon with the different resources.🌟🙂

Week beginning 21 st June, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 8:29pm

This week we enjoyed sports day on Monday, move up afternoon Tuesday fractions in Maths finding halves and quarters, English our new story about the queen’s hat, Geography , all about the UK.Can they remember the 4 capitals and countries?! Science, minibeats - phew- busy as always! 

Thank you for chocolate donations and red items today , have a great weekend👍🙂

Week beginning 14th June, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 18th Jun 2021 @ 1:16pm

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths, finding halves of shapes.In our jigsaw work we have been  looking at life cycles, how they work and how things change. We looked at some photos of how I have changed over the years and the children can bring their own photos of when they were a baby so we can see how they have changed too.

In science we collected leaves and thought how we can sort them.

Arts week day 5, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 28th May 2021 @ 7:53pm

Today we enjoyed painting our rainbows and creating a wanted poster for a sidekick!

Hope you all have a lovely, lovely holiday and enjoy the snshine😎

(Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and gifts too,I am very spoilt.The children made some lovely cards too, all very much appreciated ❤️)

See you all have in June, keep safe and above all have fun 🌟

Arts week day 4, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 27th May 2021 @ 3:59pm

Today we have been thinking about what life has been like during covid. We are making a time capsule of our art work and our ideas so it will be interesting to open in a few years and remember what our lives were like!

We also finished off our superhero capes and transformed into superheroes!

This afternoon we made a self portrait with a face mask, which opened to show what we think we are like, this will go in our time capsule too.

Arts week 3, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 26th May 2021 @ 3:40pm

Today we designed our own Superhero, we thought about what it meant, what powers they would have.

Then we designed a cape and made it using fabric paints, next the mask and then the wris5 band.Tomorrow we transform!!

Digi art fun this afternoon in the style of Mondrian🙂

Windmill fun!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 25th May 2021 @ 3:27pm

Busy busy!

Arts week day 2, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 25th May 2021 @ 3:24pm

Today we have been painting rainbows but we had to mix some colours using red, yellow and blue.Then we had to paint our rainbows in shades, making them darker or lighter.This afternoon we designed our windows of hope - they look amazingly!

A big thank you  to Robin who came in today to help us make our windmills for our planter at the front of school. We loved drilling , hammering and sawing.

Compliment fun., by Mrs Pratten

Date: 21st May 2021 @ 4:20pm

Despite the rain the Pandas had an amazing afternoon scooting around the playground and track. We had a drink and some treats (thanks Emma👍😁) and a little bit of Tom and Jerry.

Exploring materials, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 21st May 2021 @ 4:14pm

Yesterday we enjoyed being scientists again, exploring and sorting materials. We worked in teams to sort the materials into 2 groups.After a few goes we set up one and all the groups visited and had to guess how we had sorted them. Some of them were tricky!!

Being scientists!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 13th May 2021 @ 3:31pm

We had a great afternoon testing different materials to see which would make the best roof for the 3 little pigs house. We used pipettes to add water to see if it was waterproof or absorbed and tried  to rip it to test the strength. We tried to make it fair and it was fun!!!

So far this week..., by Mrs Pratten

Date: 12th May 2021 @ 5:07pm

So far this week we have enjoyed, in PE, practicing our under throwing skills with different challenges. Today we enjoyed a story telling session online all about a skunk who wanted to get to the moon.

In Maths we have been busy making doubles and equal groups. 

Class assembly, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th May 2021 @ 10:21am


Here is the link to our class assembly - hope you enjoy it!

Apologies if you hear  stage directions we were an alien short!

Exciting learning!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 4:23pm

This week we have been learning about equal groups and arrays in maths. In history we have started looking at bridges.We worked with a partner to find our favourite. This morning we performed our assembly to Year 2, we were amazing!

Video link to follow 🙂

Busy,busy!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 30th Apr 2021 @ 1:59pm

In Science we continued with our material work. We had to help the 3 little pigs plan a test to find the best material for a new roof for their houses. We then worked with a partner to build a house, ready to test the materials next week. In maths we have been learning to tell the time to half past and o’clock. Have you a clock or a watch that you could with practise with?

Is it equal?, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 28th Apr 2021 @ 4:28pm

We had a fun Maths session using different resources to - make it equal. We loved it!

Tri golf and exploring materials, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 22nd Apr 2021 @ 4:47pm

This week the children enjoyed a taster session of tri golf .They have also been investigating materials and describing them.

What’s it made from?, by Helen Pratten

Date: 16th Apr 2021 @ 4:04pm

Our new science topic is all about materials and yesterday we enjoyed being scientists and thinking ”what’s it made from?”

We sat in different areas around school and   looked to see what materials things were made of.

Summer week 1, by Helen Pratten

Date: 14th Apr 2021 @ 4:09pm

This week we have been thinking about friendships, what makes a good friend, how we can keep our friends and that it is OK to have more than 1 friend. We enjoyed making puppets of our friends and talking about them. Yesterday we enjoyed a yoga taster session.

Lovely to see all the children again and all trying harD with their learning 👍

Last day fun!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 26th Mar 2021 @ 8:33pm

Today the Pandas enjoyed bunny hop fun round the track and in the Hall, a big thank you to Kelly , a great Easter bunny! The children also enjoyed a teddy bears picnic this afternoon following on from our bear unit of work in English. Have a lovely holiday , hope the sun shines for us and Happy Easter!

Easter Service, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 8:49pm

Photographs of the event can be found here 

click here 


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