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Frday Finale, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 28th May 2021 @ 1:59pm

Wow, what a week. We have been so busy inside and out making fabulous creations. Take a look at our displays, creations and the fun we have had!

Thursday Art, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 27th May 2021 @ 3:32pm

This week we have focused on two artists, Norman Adams a British artist who used a lot of water colour to paint rainbows and today we have looked at Gaudi and visited Barcelona!

We looked at the tiles and mosaics that enhance the buildings in Barcelona and we have had a go at tiling the toadstools that live in the garden and then making Gaudi style minibeasts using egg shells. Plus lots of other fun too, take another sneaky peek x x x 

Wednesday Art, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 26th May 2021 @ 4:13pm

Here is  alittle bit more of what we are up to.....

Art week, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 25th May 2021 @ 4:37pm

We are reading the book, 'When the World Made a Rainbow.' From this book we are doing all of our art work. We are making and creating rainbows. Take a little sneak peek so far.....

Lambs came to school, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 4th May 2021 @ 2:34pm

In the Zebra class, we are finding out about animals. As a special treat Chloe's mummy brought three baby lambs into school. They were only 1 week old! One of the lambs was called marshmallow.

Making Bread and Popcorn Fun, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 30th Apr 2021 @ 1:59pm

We have had amazing fun learning about the little red hen. Today we made bread and popcorn. We then tasted the bread and popcorn it was yummy!

Brickcroft, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 23rd Apr 2021 @ 11:48am

Today we have had a great morning going on a duck hunt to the brick Croft.

Easter Service, by Mr Pearson

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 8:49pm

Photographs of the event can be found here 

click here 


First day back after lockdown, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 8th Mar 2021 @ 5:53pm

It has been really lovely to have all the children back together.

World book day, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 5th Mar 2021 @ 2:14pm

Today we celebrated world book day. We shared the story Handas Suprise then we made fruit baskets. We also tasted lots of delicious fruit.

Online Safety, by Mr Pearson

Date: 3rd Mar 2021 @ 4:59pm

The online world offers amazing opportunities but also brings elements of potential risk and for Parents, making sense of the online world can appear to be an enormous challenge.  Unlike previous generations, the online environment is an integral part of children’s lives and therefore we can no longer consider their wellbeing or safety without also considering their relationship to technology.  However, staying safe online is fundamentally about behaviours rather than the technology itself and if approached from this perspective, we can begin to gain confidence to support our children. 

The link below provides some useful tips for Parents when discussing the online environment with children.  In addition, this page also contains a variety of resources which can be used to develop knowledge and confidence to support children.  You will also find useful information in the news and events section of the site through the link at the bottom of the page.

Volcano experiment, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 7:02pm

Road safety week 2, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 7:00pm

We practiced holding hands and crossing at a safe place.

Dinosaur fun, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 6:58pm

Dinosaur week, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 21st Jan 2021 @ 11:07am

We have had great fun in school learning all about dinosaurs. Our on


line learners have been working hard too.

Fantastic fun filled Friday, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 9:51am

We are finding out about mechanical toys and having fun making tags and colouring x x 

A Christmas Recipe dress rehearsal, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 1st Dec 2020 @ 2:23pm

We had a little go at our play with our year 5 buddies as an distanced of course.

Celebration assembly and snack and chat, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 3:54pm

Today we have had our second snack and chat with Mrs Brown. Sophie went to show the heads team and Mrs Brown the amazing achievements that she has made in English since she started school. The in the afternoon we had our celebration Assembly which we usually have at church. We had lots of children that gained certificates, take a look at the pictures.

The panto, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 25th Nov 2020 @ 2:52pm

Today the panto came to school. We watched the night before Christmas x it was fabulous x x 

Birthday Party Day, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 24th Nov 2020 @ 2:49pm

We have had a fantastic day.lots of traditional party games, fun and laughter.

Tree work so far......., by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 3:31pm

Look at the fantastic trees we have made this week.

Remembrance Day 2, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 2:47pm

Remembrance Day, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 2:44pm

Look at our fabulous outfits for Remembrance Day.

Where the poppies now grow, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 10th Nov 2020 @ 2:46pm

This week our focus story is where the poppies now grow by Hilary Robinson. We have been making suncatcher poppies, painting poppies and really thinking about the soldiers, armed forces and why people choose to wear a poppy.

A Christmas recipe, by Mrs Hothersall

Date: 10th Nov 2020 @ 12:05pm


Sorry, it is a message about Christmas. We will be doing a nativity play in reception and we are busy learning songs and getting costumes. Please can you encourage your child to learn their words if they have them for the play and also sing the songs.

We will record the play and then you can all see the children online x x x 




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