Arts Mark Action Plan whole school focus 2014 2015

The Arts are an important part of education and provide children with the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of ways. Art, Drama and music are all important elements in education. Here at Longton we strive to give all of our children opportunities to express themselves and to enrich their learning.We are working towrds gaining the arts mark.

In order to do this we have set up a working party consisting if the Art subject leader a member of the SLT and a governor. This working party have drawn up an action plan to allow the school to work towards the award.

The main focus is to ensure that arts based activities are timetabled weekly and to ensure progression of skills throughout the school.

The objectives on the action plan are:

To begin to work towards the Arts Mark. 

To ensure coverage of creative arts and progression of skills

Collection of evidence towards the Arts Mark

To plan and undertake an Arts week in conjunction with other subject leaders. 

To provide extra curricular opportunities in the arts

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