Class Reps

Class reps 2013

Each class has a class rep. This is a person who is a nominated member of the Longton Association.

The rep’s hold a responsible role to foster a close relationship between parents and parents. They can do this by organising social events for the year group parents, hopefully once a term (eg a pub gathering). What they do not do in their role as class rep is fund-raise for school on these nights out- it is just for fun! We believe that this is important part of our school as it will enable parents to get to know each other and feel a greater part of the school. It means that in a moment of need they may know somebody in their child’s class that they can call upon. It also means that you will soon always have somebody to talk to when you come in to the school premises.

We know that if parents are involved in school and are happy and confident then so are their children. If you are invited on a night out we can’t encourage you enough to get the glad rags on and join in. A good night out is often just what the doctor ordered to make us feel revitalised and full of life. We all need to let our hair down from time to time and doing that with parents who have children of a similar age has many benefits.

We know you may not be able to make all nights out but please always feel welcome and invited to all.

We will always try and email via parentmail any gatherings that the reps have organised.

Your reps are:


Year R 


Year 1 

Jackie Singleton

Year 2 

Andrea Hunt

Year 3/4 (Hippos)

Liza Thomson

Year 4 (Dragons)

Sarah McKerney

Year 5 (Lions)


Year 6 (Crocodiles)

Rachael Ainsworth

















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