history curriculum 2013 Autumn

 We are teaching History and Geography through topic work in line with the National Curriculum.

Skills will be taught in relation to the topic.

Reception.   Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, Christmas celebrated around the world.

Year 1           Pirates.  History - famous pirates. Geography - map making

Year 2           History/Geography  Great fire of London - Tudor Houses

Year 3/4       The Romans

Year 4          The Ancient Greeks - Black History Day workshops in school

                      The spirit of Christmas  - Victorian christmas - visit to Smithills Hall Bolton for a Victorian Christmas


Year 5          Earth and Beyond.   First moon landing and the impact this had.

                      Christmas customs and traditions.

Year 6          Local History   Victorian Preston including cotton trade and docks, famous people.

                      Spirit of Christmas history/xmas tree

                      Geography  River Ribble, local small scale study of Longton

                      World maps, atlas   

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