Governors Despatched Spring Term 2014


So what has been going on in the wonderful world of Longton Primary School:


We have created a ‘how to book’ for the office systems – just in case Linda is ever off.  Fingers crossed she won’t be.


Year 1 have had a great trip to The World Museum in Liverpool.  They all said it was the best trip EVER!

Year 3 had a great themed Vikings day with a real Viking visitor.  It was truly worth every penny.

Film night remains ever popular and helps raise money via the Longton Association.


The Eco team have had fun day battling with the mud to tidy up the bog garden and building a bug palace.  Thankfully Gill was on hand to keep them on track.


The staff training this week related to our whole school feedback and marking policy.  It was a very lively and productive meeting with a policy that is most certainly unique to Longton.


Staff appraisal reviews have almost been complete and the appraisal lesson observations are to begin next week.


Iain has covered in class for middle leader subject release time for Alison (Science) and Rachael (Art).


Mrs Moxham has been on two courses- new curriculum science and Esafety.  Iain has been to the deputy forum and with John to the new curriculum computing training.  They have all found they really useful.

Di Regan has been on a training day for ‘Attachment’ – this is significant for our looked after children. She came back very enthused and found the day really useful.  She has another session in April and then will cascade at a staff meeting.


A number of Parents spent the day in school finding out about KS2 maths.  The majority of parents said it was a brilliant day and felt it had really helped them understand how they can support their children with homework.   The morning session was adult only and then in the afternoon the children joined in.   There has been a parental request to run a phonics session.  There are photos on the website.


The sports events have continued within school and a few children have shown such talent that they have been referred to clubs.


Our football team had their first loss at the county finals and therefore did not win the cup.  They have enjoyed the experience and who knows they may end up there in the future.


The mud area has disappeared and the children are eager to get on it and play.  We are just waiting for the playground inspector to come on Monday and give it the all clear.  It does look 100% better.  Let’s hope it lasts.


The sports experiences go on (tennis, gymnastics, beyond sports) and the children do seem to be enjoying them. It has most certainly been worth the money. 

As a member of the sports partnership steering committee I attended a meeting at Allhallows to discuss the future.  It was not particularly enlightening.


An independent specialist behaviour person has been in to school and parents have agreed for her to support their child.  This is great news but as we discussed it does cost.


All teachers and TA’s have been trained by a nurse with the Epi pens in case a child has an anaphylaxis reaction.


When the ‘creative curriculum’ came in we bought a service to act as a solid starting point and then overtime created our own.  Now the 2014 curriculum is on route we are buying back in to the same service to put in our starting blocks.  This week all teachers have attended the training and it all looks amazing.  I was not evening wearing my rose tinted glasses!


The y6 children loved the Samba Workshop – perhaps you did too!!!  There is a video on the school website if you would like to view it – under the music section.


The year 5 children have been to Penwortham Girls and really came back enthused after the Bollywood dance session.


Mrs Fletcher has been on a writing course and said it was totally amazing.  As she herself is a guru in the world of Literacy it must have been good.  She will report back at a staff meeting later in the term.


On the 21st March we are having a night out to the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club in Preston.  It is £13 each.  Please let me know if you would like to join in the laughter.



We return to what hopefully proves not to be an expensive year.

The server has ended its own life and we now need a new one.

The office computers are no longer compatible with sims so we need two new ones.  They are Windows xp so have had a long life.

Mrs Pratten’s laptop has also now passed its sell by date. Thankfully there is money in the budget to cover but what a start to 2014.


The mud area is, as I type, being transformed in to a wonderful working and relaxing area.  It already looks 100% better so I can’t wait to see what the end result will be.  If you have time pop round and have a look at it.


In the mornings we have decided that the year 5  class will be taught by Mrs Moxham and that Miss Roberts and Mr Coxhead will work together as Year 6.  This will enable the children to be really targeted to ensure they make maximum progress.  The additional classes  after school for some of our Year 6 pupils will start next Tuesday with Mr Coxhead, Miss Roberts, Mrs Moxham, Mr Pearson and Mrs Fletcher.  We did not feel there was a need for these classes really last year but this year we believe there is, hence they are being started much earlier than ever before.  We find they are beneficial and the children usually enjoy taking part in them.


One of our dinner ladies does not feel she has the time to undertake the role anymore and so has resigned. We are now seeking a replacement. 


Karon is very kindly organising for the heads team to spend a day shadowing Jo Turton's the Interim Chief Executive.  If you recall Karon arranged this last year and it was a great success.  I am sure the children will be keen to tell you all about it once they have had the experience.


Mr Coxhead is now our Computing subject leader.  He has also been on the new Curriculum DT training session and will feedback to us all in the nearer future.  He has verbally reported back that the session was really useful.


With our sports money Year 4 and year 5 are undertaking some tennis training.  This began this week and it was an impressive coaching session which the children embraced.  Year 3 and Year 4 have also started gymnastics coaching.  Some children reported, but perhaps not in these words, that it was somewhat tiring. Beyond sports also continues with year 6.  They are now in the first aid training sessions.  Mrs Woolley reports back that the children were really interested.  


Very soon we will need to consider moving lower paid employees over to the living wage.  In principle this sounds good but it does raise questions.  I am not sure how it impacts on the equal pay aspect that schools undertook a few years ago.  At the moment Lancashire says schools can choose if they opt in or out, so then it will not be equal pay.  I have also been led to understand that those we employ who also receive benefits will actually receive less income each month than they do now if we raise their hourly pay to the living allowance.  If you know more about this please will you drop me a line and share your knowledge.


Our revamped system for homework starts next Thursday.  Fingers crossed it goes down well and strengthens our home school links.

 I have undertaken the planning scrutiny of our new members of staff.  I have tried to ensure feedback offers pointers and suggested people who could support.


We have now set up a new version of the staff register which will be taken in the morning at the daily breakfast meeting.  Hopefully, when the fire alarm goes we will be clear on which adults are in school and which are not.  Previous systems have failed terribly.


Just as a reminder the Govs training will take place on the 11th Feb led by Neil at 6 in school.   The training normally lasts for 2 and half hours, we'll be working in small groups with some input/context from Neil so that we end up with targets for a Governing Body action plan.  The course is Governing Body Self Evaluation and Development.  


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