Excited for Arts Week!

Date: 17th May 2024 @ 4:18pm

What an eventful week!

Earlier on in the week the penguins started their work on road safety. They were amazing listeners and although they didnt cross the road this week they identified the traffic, kerb, pavement and road.

We have been working hard in maths this week. We have revisited finding different ways of making 9 and 10. We have also been doing additions and subtractions. Wow the penguins have been mathematicians! They had another go at our super fun challenge! They all had record scores in their additions! Perhaps try some additions at home.

We had three butterflies to release this week. Two couldnt wait to explore but one decided it wanted to stay with us a little longer. The next day the last two emerged from their cocoons. We said goodbye to them today but not before one decided to stay on the penguins hands and even a school shoe! An amazing experience with some very caring and gentle penguins!

We talked about D day during the week and we went outside with our school lamp of peace. We started off the journey of the lamp travelling to each class in school.

Next we decided to continue our topic on transport and do some vehicle spotting outside school. Some penguins wore their amazing binoculars and we did a tally to see which vehicle we saw the most and which we saw the least of. I am sure the penguins will tell you more about our findings!

On Thursday we had our class enterprise. What a success! We sold out within minutes! Before we finish for the summer we will make them again but on a much smaller scale! One each for the penguins as they are working so hard and really deserve a chill out with a smoothie ice pop!

This morning we did some work on friendships. We have been learning ways of being a kind friend and we saw what happened when Mrs. Thomson used unkind words to Mrs. Morrison (it was planned!) The penguins were not impressed with me!

For next week I would be very grateful if you could save your empty kitchen roll tubes. We will be using them for an art project. We have an exciting week planned with singing, dancing, painting and model making. We have a special visitor who is an artist coming to work with us and we also have Miss. Skinner who will work with children in our amazing school art room.

Thank you 

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