Reception PE

Personal, Social and  Emotional Development

  • Manage their own needs. - personal hygiene
  • Know and talk about the different factors that support overall health and wellbeing: - regular physical activity

Physical Development

  • Revise and refine the fundamental movement skills they have already acquired: - rolling - running - crawling         - hopping - walking          - skipping - jumping         - climbing
  • Progress towards a more fluent style of moving, with developing control and grace.
  • Develop overall body-strength, balance, coordination and agility needed to engage successfully with future physical education sessions and other physical disciplines, including dance, gymnastics, sport and swimming.
  • Use their core muscle strength to achieve a good posture when sitting at a table or sitting on the floor

.• Combine different movements with ease and fluency.

  • Confidently and safely use a range of large and small apparatus indoors and outdoors, alone and in a group.
  • Develop overall body strength, balance, coordination and agility.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Explore, use and refine a variety of artistic effects to express their ideas and feelings.
  • Return to and build on their previous learning, refining ideas and developing their ability to represent them.
  • Create collaboratively, sharing ideas, resources and skills.
  • Listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing their feelings and responses.
  • Watch and talk about dance and performance art, expressing their feelings and responses.
  • Explore and engage in music making and dance, performing solo or in groups.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Managing Self

  • Be confident to try new activities and show independence, resilience and perseverance in the face of a challenge.
  • Explain the reasons for rules, know right from wrong and try to behave accordingly.
  • Manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing.


Building  Relationships

  • Work and play cooperatively and take turns with others.

Physical Development

Gross Motor Skills

  • Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others.
  • Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing.
  • Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

Expressive  Arts and Design

Being  Imaginative  and Expressive

  • Perform songs, rhymes, poems and stories with others, and (when appropriate) try to move in time with music.

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