At Longton Primary School, we use Jam Coding curriculum for Computing to help teachers plan, assess and track students progression. We have used the Jam Coding curriculum to help us come up with assessment trackers which will help us to see if students are below year group, emerging, developing, secure or greater depth in the year group expectations.

At Longton Primary School, in line with our curriculum intent, we have developed a foundation subject tracking system.  It will capture our ongoing assessments of each child showing us how well our curriculum is being implemented as well as how our children are progressing through the curriculum and the impact it has on their learning.  It will enable teachers to plan subsequent learning opportunities so that individual needs are met and children can make progress towards the end of year expectations.  Judgements relating to end of year expectations will be made at the end of the academic year and shared with parents. 


Each child will keep a record of their computing learning using Google Classroom. Digital work completed in the Computer Suite or on Chrome Books are saved in the children's own area. 

The specialist computing teacher alongside the class teachers will be responsible for tracking learner progress regularly through on-going assessment in the form of verbal questionning, assessment tasks, records of learning in Google Classroom and observations.

Attainment and progress in Computing is reported for each child at the end of the academic year by the specialist teacher. Based on the expected learning outcomes for their year group, pupils will be assessed as either:

Below Year Group (working below the expectations for the year group)
Emerging (starting to learn)
Developing (demonstrating an increasing understanding; yet to be secure)
Secure (secure in understanding and applying in most areas)
Greater Depth(typically working above the expected level for their year)

These assessments will be shared with parents in the end of year report and will be collected for analysis by the subject leader. Class teachers will pass on these assessments to the next teacher for their class.

Progression across national curriculum levels is set out within the categories of Creating media, Networks, Data and Programming.


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