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Jigsaw Launch September 17

We launched our new PSHE curriculum, Jigsaw on the first day back to school in assembly.  Each class was presented with their jigsaw character, this will stay with them all year and help them with their learning. 


Fill my bucket

Children in year 5, have been filling each other's buckets with positive comments, children have really felt the uplifting power of sharing kind words, both giving and receiving. Photos below. 

Peer massage

The children throughout school enjoy regular peer massage as part of our wellbeing work. This helps to meet their social and emotional needs through nurturing touch. It strengths relationships between pupils and shows kindness and gratitude towards each other. Please see photos of massage sessions and our year one massage train. 

First Aid For Year 5 

Year 5 were lucky enough to be trained in basic children first aid and receive a certificate to confirm they passed! They will then train the other classes on the importance of  keeping safe.


Good to be me SEAL Celebration assembly

The whole school enjoyed seeing highlights of this terms SEAL topic in our celebration assembly. Year 2 shared the story of the quirks, where the characters are unique and learn to feel proud of there individuality. Year 3 talked about how they have learned to be the best person they can be and focussing on what they are good at. They shared times when they have felt proud. Year 4 did a demonstration to music of their hobbies and talents the children dressed up in there outfits and it was fun and energetic! There was swimmers, gymnastics, cricketers, gymnasts, street dancers to mention but a few! Year 5 shared clips from their Hothersall Lodge residential visit and talked about what they had learned about themselves and how they had developed. Year 6 used a computer package called Prezzie to present their classes work, a main message that year 6 had learned is believe in themselves and not to try and be something they are not. Please enjoy the photos below of this assembly. 

One world Week- Global Cafe

Going for Goals - As part of our work on setting and working towards goals we welcomed back to our Friday assembly some past pupils, now in the sixth form at Hutton Grammar School. They confidently spoke about how they had set goals and were now much closer to achieveing them. The ex pupils talked about the need for hard work and perseverance alongside finding the things they enjoy and being true to themselves. It was an inspirational assembly that got the children thinking about what they might want for their future.

Year 1 

We have been learning all about feelings and used the feelings masks to talk about what has made us feel a certain way.

We have been learning about how people's compliments can make us feel so good and it is like having a hug! The children wrote a special hug bug message to someone they care about, they then read them to each other - a very happy lesson time! 

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