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These are our 4 top links to support your child learn in Geogrpahy.


Brief outline

Every day, there is a new Mystery Country. Your goal is to guess which country it is using the fewest number of guesses. Each incorrect guess will appear on the globe with a colour indicating how close it is to the Mystery Country. The hotter the colour, the closer you are to the answer.

Key stage 1

Games to play, Explore the UK and the world learn about the weather, the seasons and maps.

Keystage 2

Games to play, Geography skills, learn about the UK, 7 continents, the natural world , human geography, sustainability.


National Geographic - Kids Edition:

Find amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more

These are our 4 top links to support your child learn in History.


 KS1 bitesize

Games, learn more about significant events and people, changes within living memory

Crickweb - Key stage 1

Word cruncher game – history words, find out more about the fire of London and seaside holidays

KS2 topmarks

Find out more about the Romans, Ancients Greeks, Anglo Saxons and more

KS2 bitesize


Games, British history , World history, Famous people, Historical skills

















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