Monday - Picture News - British values 

Tuesday - This assembly follows our school word of the year.  This year it is all about Wonder, with a focus on difference and disability

Wednesday - Singing and choir

Thursday - Religious assembly.  This may be about a festival, or a story with a moral issue. 

Friday - Certificate assembly.

Each week in school we have a Picture News assembly.  These assemblies focus on events which have been in the news.  A provoking question is discussed and explored during the assembly, it helps challenge ideas, pre-conceptions and inform.  Each assembly will be linked to one of the British Values.  An example can be found below.

Some of the topics we have explored during our Wonder assemblies this year are.

Wonder - Choose kind.  I wonder what it would be like if people chose unkind.

I wonder what it must be like being blind?

I wonder what different kinds of physical disabilities there are?

Signs and symbols around the community which support the needs of people with disabiltiies. 

I wonder what it is like to celebrate different festivals? (judasim focus) 

I wonder what it is like to not have water when I turn on the tap (Cape town water drought) 

I wonder what if life at home wasn't happy?  (safeguarding)

Artists and siblings with disabilities, we are all unique.



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