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One in five parents 'do not spend any time reading with their children'


A third of parents do not think their primary school-aged children read enough books,


A recent YouGov poll shows that a fifth of parents with primary school-aged children do not spend any time reading with them, new research has found.

And more than half (54 per cent) of parents who have children aged 5-11 spend less than an hour a week reading to them.

It also found that 57 per cent of parents use a tablet, mobile, TV or a film to distract their child, compared with only one in 10 of parents who give their child a book to read.

The survey, of 448 parents in the UK with primary school aged children, found that a third of parents believe their children do not read enough books.

Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) of parents said they set a good example with their own reading habits, whereas 29 per cent did not feel they did.

The findings from the survey are both intriguing and alarming and show that as a nation we need to do more to encourage the next generation of readers and authors.

Spending a couple of hours a week reading with your children works out at less than 20 minutes a day and allows you to spend true quality time with them.


Please help your child develop a love of reading by spending quality time sharing books, listening to them read and talking about texts they have read or heard and have enjoyed. Your support in this way enhances the reading your child will do during the week in school.


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